Friday, February 26, 2016

Poetry Friday

It is almost March... shhh! 

We have had torrential rains ... removing the snow from the face of our space on earth... it was over 50 yesterday... we've had thunder and lightning...  the dog can't keep her nose off the ground for more than a second (I'm surprised she isn't tripping over it)!
Spring might be coming...
 I woke to find it Winterless.

Will winter rebound?
Or spring abound?
My hound
with nose to the ground
has found
Found Object - Ground!  Shhh!!!
Laura Shovan is wrapping up her birthday month in layer upon layer of poetry written in response to Found Objects.  As the month winds down to its extra day, there have been so many poems written!  She has quite an array of poems for this month - from poetry about blood-letting to lost shoes to skulls... You should hop on over there and peel back a few layers to see what February is holding.
She has had some guest hosts, too, and in case you missed it, I hosted last Wednesday, and Michael Ratcliffe is hosting today's Found Object poems.

My poem for today was in response to Jessica Bigi's picture of a stack of cardboard.

Day 26: 

Cycles (to the rhythm of "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon")

Hey, tacky-tacky
This paper is stacky.
The jet flew over the sun.
Though sunset not pink
The orb gave me a wink,
“I’ll return when recycling’s done.”

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

ONE With the Tree

I freeze on the tree
I am ONE with the tree
I AM the tree
To act like a tree
One must BE the tree
When I am the TREE
You don’t see me
I am the perfect
Even my eggs like free-
Falling seeds
Drop from me
When I am
The tree
I AM the perfect
Or am I
The tree?

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Yesterday's poem was in response to a whole bunch of labeled keys hanging on a panel.  Again, see Laura's site for the image.  I headed off in some direction and just let it keep going until it ended.  It was kind of a rabbit trail and Alice in Wonderland concoction that had me wondering where it was going as I wrote it.  Fortunately, for all of us, it finally ended.

Day 25

Key to Happiness

Alice to herself:
“Which do you pick, Alice
Which key will you choose?
If you pick the wrong one
You could stand to lose…”

“There’s really no wrong choice,”
She heard Cheshire Cat say,
“So pick any one;
Don’t think, don’t delay.”

Alice to herself:
“Be cautious, my dear,
Use careful detection;
One key could be lucky,
So take care in selection.”

“Please, go on,” said Cheshire,
“And make one your choice;
One key’s for a clock,
One’s for a Rolls Royce.”

Alice to herself:
“If you pick the wrong key
Don’t pout at your lot;
Perhaps it will still be
A pretty good spot.”

“Which one?” asked the Cat,
The big or the little?
The left or the right?
Or one in the middle?”

Alice to herself:
“One key may unlock
The best kind of thing,
Or maybe the worst
Is what it will bring.”

“There’s really no wrong choice,”
Cheshire Cat said once more,
“So pick any one, dear;
Just not 74.”

Alice to herself:
“Well, here goes nothing,
I’ll just take the dive
And say I want key number
One hundred five.”

“Oh, very good choice
You’ve done very well,
For this is the key
For something so swell!”

Alice to herself:
“Something that’s swell
Sounds pretty great!”
And with that CC handed her
Keys to some skates.

Then Alice went swiftly
Off down the street
Rejoicing that she’d
Picked a key that was sweet.

It wasn’t a Rolls Royce
Or other grand treasure
But a smallish-foot-sized

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

And with that, I urge you to visit other Poetry Friday offerings!  Go to Liz Steinglass' page and look for more links to the world of poetry! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Poetry Friday Roundup Is Here!

Open early for business!  Welcome, Friday Poets!

It's just after Valentine's Day... the Presidents have had their birthday cake, it's before St. Patrick's Day...Christmas is well behind us and Fourth of July well ahead of us.

And for your enjoyment - Because You Asked About the Line Between Poetry and Prose by Howard Nemerov narrated and explained here, text to scroll below it:

This is a day.  But why not make it a celebration?  Shake out the poems!  Trim the poet-tree, make some hearty homemade Haiku, decorate a diamante, lift a lilting limerick, sing a sonnet solo, and snack on a soothing senryu or two.  But whatever you do, link it here so we can join you in your February 19th Day Between Other Celebrations Celebration Day!
(and I'm sure someone out there must have a birthday, right?)

Half Way to Somewhere

Between the weathers
and the nights
Between the nevers
and the mights
Are the nows and
When only pines
display their greens
Before the springtime
and the showers
Before the summer
brings the flowers
After colors
of the autumn
After winter's
hit rock-bottom
Is the now of
with its ever
changing scene
when the snow
can turn to rain
and the rain
can freeze again
Between the sowing
And the harvest
Between the lightest
and the darkest
Where all and nothing
stops and stalls
As here we sit
between befalls.

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Have a happy half-way to somewhere day!  And don't forget to link your post!  Mister Linky likes it when you remember!

Don't forget to visit the rest of the links displayed throughout the week.

And if you have more yearning to read poetry - head on over to Laura Shovan's to see and read poems about Found Items.  The 18th image was a Magic Eraser.  Today is day 19, and the image is a skull.  Enjoy!  Add to the fun! If you come up with a poem why not post it there today?


SJT - Delight

Dawn of day,
  Eagle’s flight,
     Lightning bugs
        In the night,
          Golden sunsets,
             Home in sight:
                These are things that bring delight.

Today's Spiritual Journey Thursday's word is Irene Latham's OLW, "Delight".  I love this word.  It is akin to saying something just "tickles" me.  A spring day, a grandchild's laughter, a butterfly landing nearby, a bird's call, or any other special moment is cause for delight!  I love those special times that bring a smile, and a maybe a little laugh to go with it.  How delightful to be delighted!
I once knew a girl whose name was Delight.  She was the one and only person I've ever known with that name.  She also was an only child, so I imagine she truly was the delight of her parents' lives.  I never really thought of her as delightful, but maybe I didn't give her a chance to live up to her name.  She may be more of a Delight to others now that she's no longer a teenager.

As a teacher, there were times when a student would give me, or be, a true delight.  My delight came at the times when I saw that they finally "got it" and beamed from ear to ear; the times they would give you a picture, not because they didn't want it, but because their intent was to draw it for you in the first place; the times they were kind to another student who was struggling for some reason; the times they gave more of themselves than others did, because they wanted to do their best, and the times they watched in awe God's world unfold to them.

I want to be that kind of delight to the Lord.  I want to be that kind of delight in the world.  So how can I be a delight to the Lord in my daily walk?

"Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight."  
Proverbs 12: 22

"If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land and give it us, a land which floweth with milk and honey."
Numbers 14: 8
God mentions a few times in Proverbs, those things that are an abomination, and that not doing those things gives him delight.   And it seems that when we do what God would have us to do, or delight Him, we receive some pretty nice blessings from God.

"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He Shall give you the desires of thine heart." 
Psalm 37: 4

This verse is often misinterpreted in its initial reading.  Delighting ourselves in the Lord, does not mean that God will give us all the things we want in life when we love Him.  All our desires are changed - He will give you NEW desires.  We will begin to delight ourselves in different things than we did before.  God changes the desires.  God gives us the desires -  Not God gives us the things we thought we wanted... He inserts in our hearts new wants, new desires.   That was an eye opener to me a number of years ago as a new believer, and it is a wonderful thing!  He actually helps me in my daily walk then!  He is leading me to make better choices - less of the old is calling me to do what I should not do.
"I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart." Psalms 40: 8

"But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.  And he shall be like a tree planted by the rives of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper."
Psalm 1: 2

I guess this is why it is so important to read the Bible each day, either to start the day or finish the day - or better yet, both times! Then it is easier to start keeping the words "within my heart", and continue throughout the day with a delight in doing His will...and even being open to listening to His will!

This morning, I began my day at 4:55 am.  I woke early to pick up a friend by 5:15 am and drive the 25 minutes to Starbucks for coffee.  Oh, yes! (I heard you under your breath say, "Really? That early?") and meet two other friends, to do a book discussion.  We are reading and discussing "Audacious" by Beth Moore.

I find this time a delight that God has given me - a new desire... waking up before sunrise, getting out of a warm bed in the cold of winter, traipsing out in the snow to a sit in a frigid car that won't warm up until half-way there, to fill a time that I used to desire to sleep, with a desire for making connections with other Christian friends and with Him - and doing it excitedly and with true DELIGHT.  I look forward to these mornings!

When I write, I want to be still filled with a delight that God has given me.  I want to delight in Him and hopefully, keep that spirit of delight in all that I do.  I know people who can do that.  I want to be that kind of person.  It isn't always easy, of course.  But I think that the more I learn to REMEMBER to stay in the Word and DELIGHT in His Word, the more God will be delighted... and THAT will ultimately be the delight that others will perceive.  But God comes first.

Delight is such a beautiful word.  I would like to know that I give God delight.  Delighting others - well, that is not really the goal, but it is a byproduct of delighting God!  And you will find so many more things in this world delightful, too!  So take care of the delighting God department, and you have the rest in your pocket.

This may have been a ramble this morning.  I was just so filled with a happy delight after book group, that I overflowed and wrote something.  I should go back and read it, I guess!  See if it made any sense.

"A poem?" you ask.  Hmmm.  Just a sec.


Early morning, no
In sight, cold
Gray and
Heavy; where's
The delight?

Truly, delight must start
Here just when
God has your heart; in the
Inward part
Let His fire
Edify your

by Donna JT Smith

An acrostic it came out to be.  A mirrored acrostic.  Dark to Desire with a bit of Delight in between.
Have a day full and a full day of delight!

And now go check out the Linky at Holly's place Reading, Teaching, Learning and see what others have come up with for today's OLW - Delight!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Found Object - Day 17

It is Day 17, and Found Object Poems are here today.  Laura Shovan is celebrating her birthday month with a poem a day in February, and is inviting anyone who would like to join in, to do so once, twice, thirteen or even 29 times (and every number in between)!
You may put your poem in the comments on Laura's site yesterday or today.  If you are reading this now and haven't sent it yet, you might as well do it today and not yesterday.

I'm excited and honored to be hosting today's "find", and will add poems as they are received, whilst sipping my steaming Latte Macchiato at Starbucks today!  I will add my poem at the end of the post, after all the others have been received and posted here!  Have a great time.  Let's see what wondrous words will be found here!

PS - if you post late, I will continue to add poems that Laura forwards to me days later.... though I may not still be at Starbucks.

Here is the image:

What does this make you think of?
Who left it there and what were the circumstances?  Is there a reasonable explanation... or better yet, an unreasonable explanation... a far-fetched explanation?
Does something else capture your attention about the picture?
What do you supposed it sounded like in that spot?  What could it see?  What wishes might it have?
That's all I'm going to ask.  You do so well without me talking.  I'm probably distracting you.
Sorry, I'll stop whistling, too, while you think.  I'll keep adding poems as they appear.
I'm going to get my coffee now.  And some cheese.  Oh, sorry.  I'm still talking.  Okay.  I'm done.

I picked this to go with my poem below.  Matchy-matchy, Tabatha!


First up, Diane Mayr introduces us to a pair of twins.  Twins indeed!  The only way you could tell them apart was that one was right-footed and the other left.  Wait.  The other did leave, but not that kind of left, right, Diane?

Love Is a Series of Flip-Flops
The day she discovered
Chuck had tied the knot
Zori’s sense of betrayal
(and melodrama) was so
strong she threw herself
into the nearest trash bin.
Her twin, on the other foot,
refused to become refuse.

 by Diane Mayr
; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; )

Next up, Jessica Bigi joins in the parade, with wonderful walks of life!  Can't you just picture stepping in bubble gum?

Invisible Wings

Trace each
Beautiful Step
Pointed toes
Of ballerinas
Skater’s gliding
Across dreams
Dancing feet
Leaping on wings
Baby’s first steps
Our steps following
In our parents steps
Our parent’s steps
Giant under our feet
Snow sparkling steps
Rain puddle splashy steps
Sandy skipping whistling steps
Sticky show stepping
In bubblegum steps
Growing life learning steps
Trace each Beautiful steps

by Jessica Bigi
; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )

Carol is in with a Cinderella tale...hope that prince finds her!

Cinderella of sandcastle dreams
left her pink jeweled sandal
perfectly pointed in the
direction of the ocean
for a young prince
to uncover her
off beaching
for a bit of
R & R.

by Carol Varsalona

I have to go to bed, but I'll be right back!
I love this girl with "toes hanging onto summer in her sandals"!  I wonder where she went...

Found and Lost

Delicate mouth, open to the notes,
any girl on my street
with swirl in her skirt,
toes hanging onto summer in her sandals.
She dismissed the attention
and gathered the notes around her swirling skirt -
dreaming dancer.
Her eyes drifted to mine once
at a pause in the music.
I stooped to tie my shoe
and she was gone.
Outside, one pink sandal left at the trash,
broken strap.
I’m no prince,
but maybe she’ll be back.

Linda Baie ©All Rights Reserved
; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; )

Catherine said, "This was fun, but I struggled with the final lines."
I say, "Oh, but it looks like you won the battle!"

A Poem of Apology, to my Sole Mate…

Forgive me,
I did not mean to get left behind,
to leave you unprotected,
but the gum on the pavement held me fast.
You curled your pudgy toes around me,
hanging on for dear life.
But your mother, always in a hurry,
didn’t understand your pleas
to WAIT!
To s-l-o-w d-o-w-n
and rescue me!
And so we parted.
You, off to a party in your fancy dress
with just one shoe;
me, left to languish here on the sidewalk,
sparkling in the shadows.

© Catherine Flynn
; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )

Oh, this is soooo stuck in my head now.  If you leave here humming "One Pink Shoe" don't blame me!  Fun little ditty!

One Pink Shoe
(after Three Blind Mice)

One pink shoe
One pink shoe
Left by the bins
Left by the bins
It had so much fun in the waves and the sand
Then danced to the tunes of the three-piece band
Was carried, then dropped from the girl’s left hand
One pink shoe
One pink shoe

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016
 ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )
Buffy, this one is just so dreadful to think about!  This would have changed the course of history!  I wouldn't want to even think about the dire effect it would have had on the Magic Kingdom. 
Fairy Tale Flip-Flop: A Cautionary Tale

Imagine the fairytale ending:
Cinderella passes on the glass slippers
and wears her glittery pink flip-flops
to the ball—

A flip-flop forgives:
fallen arches
ingrown toenails
athlete’s foot
puffy, lumpy, bulging feet

and permits evil stepsisters to live

©Buffy Silverman
; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )
Waiting for the Right Foot

Fantastic pink plastic,
Enthusiastic elastic;
That’s what you see -
Bedazzled with diamonds -
I'm a sandal set free.
But beyond the pizzazz
You’ll see that there’s more -
My love for that foot
Who played at the shore
Whose hands had picked me
Off a shelf at the store.
I’m patiently waiting
Until I’m back home
With the right foot that needs me,
So I might again roam.

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved
I have to go to bed, but I'll be right back!

Jone has a mixed feeling, mixed shoes memory for us - "This photo reminded me of my lost tap shoe when I was in second grade.  It ended my lessons because my parents couldn’t afford to replace my tap shoes."  This may have changed the course of your life, Jone!

Flip Flop

once I
lost a tap shoe

that ended
dance lessons:
bandy twisting
clicking toes
drum slapping

today I
found a flip flop

that started
a beach day:

wave playing,
sand castling,
a shoe lost
a shoe found
tap dancing in flip flops

© 2016 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved
; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )

Laura slides in after a nap, with a new twist on the pink!
Double Bubble
By Laura Shovan

The crown on your wrapper means
you are the king of gum.
Of all the sweet, chewy treats
at the lunch counter, I know
I will only spend my nickel
on you. As soon as I leave
the shop, I untwist your blue
and yellow paper. Inside
you are pink and powdery.
It’s a long walk home, enough
time to chew you into shape.
We stroll together, show off
our favorite trick: pink bubbles
five times bigger than the smile
spreading across my face.

; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )


I'm a little garish, yes--
A little tacky
with my rhinestone embellishment
and my approaching-neon
shade of pink
my squashy elevated heel
which no 4-year-old needs
to navigate.
So maybe Dad's reaction
was only a little extreme--
he scooped her, whining,
off the ground,
snatched me and my partner off her feet,
made to throw us in the bin.
There was a little snarling about
"a proper pair of sneakers."
But as he turned,
I did too, dropping
to the ground,
stepping towards freedom,
my garish, glittering future
in pink.

~ HM 2016
all rights reserved
; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )

Margaret says, " So here's my weird take on this photo."
Weird, or ju-u-ust weird enough to be true?

Invisible Girl

What appears
at first glance
to be a missing
is actually evidence
of invisible life forms
who tend to hang out
near trash cans
just in case
someone is looking--
discreet aliens
prone to leaving
small signs
so you just
keep wondering.

--Margaret Simon 
 ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )  ; )

The Sandal Scandal

It’s a robbery,
a sin, a scandal.
I can’t find
my other pink sandal!
I’ve looked in closets,
under my bed,
I threw such a tantrum,
my face turned red.
Until I noticed our dog
was missing, I ran
outside to see,
Randall with my sandal
staring at me.
Slouched over, teary eyed,
he never looked so sad,
in that instant,
I stopped being mad.
Summer camp’s tomorrow,
I’ll be gone for two weeks,
“It’ll fly by,” I said,
rubbing his cheeks.
 “Hey Bud,” I whispered,
 “I guarantee I’ll miss
you more than
you will miss me.”

by Charles Waters


Any new poems will still be added as they come in here in the comments or over at Laura's place!

Great job, everyone!  Thanks for coming to the party!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Found - Laura Shovan Fun

So you found it!  Yes, indeed.  Tomorrow is the day - Day 17 - to write to another "Found Object" image. Today's object was literally, well, wait.  Not it was probably more "lost" than "found", I guess.  It was found by me, but I'm not sure if the person who lost it ever found it.  This may be as "found" as it got.
But let's see what will become of it!  Tomorrow I will continue to add poems as Laura sends them to me.  If you put them here in these comments, I can handle it, no problem; but you can post them in Laura's comments and she will send them to me, too.

I will end the post tomorrow with my poem.  Don't read it and get distracted.  Write first.  Send second.  Read last.  Or not.  Whatever you need to do to get a running start at it, do.  I'll be waiting at Starbucks to see what you've come up with...

I'm the one behind the iPhone.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Poeditty Friday

Michelle H. Barnes recent guest, David L. Harrison, has posted a challenge for this month - the challenge to use the word "ditty" in a poem.  Michelle's mailbox at Today's Little Ditty has been inundated with ditties for ditty, so I am posting my bit of a ditty here today for Poetry Friday.
This week's Poetry Friday is happily being hosted by Kimberly at Written Reflections.  You know you've gotta go there!  But finish here first!

A Ditty

A ditty for my love
Who’s gone so far away -
I’ll sing a pretty ditty,
Doleful ditty for each day.

He’s packed his bitty ditty bag,
And headed off to sea
’Tis such a gritty pity
For so long away he’ll be.

He’ll be singing his own ditty
As he rides the fearsome blue;
But hope that we will marry when
He says, “I’m back for you!”

He’ll open up the ditty bag
To show the wedding ring;
He’ll put it on my finger and
A new tune I will sing!

Our ditties soon will have to change
To kitties and to spoon,
To Jack Be Nimbles and the cow
That jumped over the moon;

For soon the sailor ditties
And my pity ditties sung
Will change to baby ditties,
And bitty didies hung!

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Next week, you will leave your Poeditty Friday links here... I will have some coffee on when you get here!  It will be BYOM (bring your own muffin).

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Intent

It is Spiritual Journey Thursday.  When you are finished here, head over to Holly Mueller's site, "Read, Write, Think" and check out the Linky to see what others have written on today's word, "INTENT".  This is Leigh Ann Eck's OLW (One Little Word) to guide her through the year.

Intent, as a noun, is your reason or purpose in doing something.
Is it mentioned in the Bible?  Yes, it is.

Acts 10
29 Therefore came I unto you without gainsaying, as soon as I was sent for: I ask therefore for what intent ye have sent for me?

Peter asked what Cornelius’ intentions were for sending for him.
Cornelius had dreamed of Peter and listened as God told him to have Peter come and talk to him and his people about Jesus.  Cornelius and all who heard were saved when they listened to Peter as he spoke the words that God intended for them to hear.

44 While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word.
45 And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost.

So what does intent mean in my daily journey? 

Do you ever do something, and then question your real intent?  Sometimes we are pretty good at lying to ourselves.  When we do or say something, we need to consider "what is the intent"?  Is it presented as for the good, yet actually to our benefit or advantage or vanity?

Sometimes I think it is easy to fool ourselves into thinking we have said something that will be helpful to someone, but it is actually a boast, a put-down, gossip or just plain hurtful.
I know sometimes I can be guilty of that.  I can temporarily fool myself into thinking that it was okay, but later a shower of guilt will descend when I realize that my intentions were subconsciously not the best!

When I write, when I live, when I talk, when I help - my intent, my purpose, is never to hurt, never to speak unkindly, and never have anyone question whether the Lord is important in my life.

I always want to be able to answer the Lord’s question “What was your intent?” with, “to give glory to You”.

That does not mean to say that every other phrase out of my mouth would be one of praise, though there isn’t really anything wrong with that, I guess… except for perhaps it becoming a vain repetition of sorts that can easily lose its effectiveness and meaning before becoming aware that the intent has changed from one of sincerity to one of a prideful display of humility.  Now there’s a thought:

Prideful Display of Humility

Do not let the words from your mouth
Become burdensome to others surrounding;
Your prayer and worship of God
Though joyful, through grace that’s abounding,
Should be sincerely mouthed in your heart
Not as an impressive display;
Even God will question intention
If grand speeches are heard as you pray.

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Okay, wow.  So that’s what just came forth with that phrase… it was longer - I continued, but it seemed to evolve into a different poem, so I've split them and made the one into two.
The continuation/split:


God’s not impressed with our posturing
Unless it’s one bent at the knee,
He harkens to all who are humble
With prayer and an intent to be
A servant, a listener, a seeker
With intent to worship Him more,
Whose eyes are intent on intentions -
That their path is what God has in store.
With prayer and sweet supplication,
My intent is to have what He gives.
The intent of the world is to still Him;
My intent is to show that He lives.

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Oh, and speaking of intent and its meaning in my life:

I really do try to give other people grace.  I try to assume good intent, unless proven otherwise.  It makes for a much pleasanter life when I don't take offense at everything.  I  put myself in the shoes of the other person and remind myself how easy it is to trip up and put my own foot in my mouth.  Why shouldn't it be as easy for someone else to do the same with their own foot and mouth?
The intent is not always to offend.
Forgive and move on.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Michelle H. Barnes at Today's Little Ditty interviewed David L. Harrison, and what a great interview it was!  You do need to check it out.
And this month's word challenge on David's blog is "leaves" - in any format or any meaning.
Michelle's word for February is "ditty" - working on that one now.  But here is my poem for  David's February Challenge.

Everyone Leaves

Everyone leaves
At some time,
Maybe through a door
or dark of night;
Perhaps in a moment of fright.

Everyone leaves
in some way,
Whether with fanfare
or no mention -
Maybe just lack of attention.

Everyone leaves;
some do return,
And then in good time,
heart on their sleeve,
There's a grand story to weave.

Everyone leaves;
it doesn't mean
Perchance that I will
leave someday also;
I left once ages ago.

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Friday, February 5, 2016

Poetry Friday Triple Scoop

It is Poetry Friday!  This week it is being hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect.  There are lots of links to lots of poetry! 

Tabatha Yeatts has posed this next to impossible challenge of matching up a poem to a song.  She is really good at it.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I listen to very little new music.  So I have nothing coming into my brain to help me out here.  BUT, today when I saw one of Tabatha's poems, I thought about some of my Newfoundland music.

Scoop 1:
I finally found a matchup for a song and a poem.  I've selected Tabatha Yeatts' poem,
The Old Ship to go with a song from Newfoundland (as I'm partial to this music and topic!)
Away from the Roll of the Sea
Scoop 2:

And Irene Latham's poem Adélie Seeking Adélie
to go with Dark Eyed Sailor (lyrics here).

They are both kind of like about waiting for a guy... the right one.  Only one is a guy with a white-ringed eye and the other is dark eyed.

Scoop 3:
And I have the other two postcards that I received through Amy Souza's exchange to display - Top right from Amy Souza,  top left from Jone Rush MacCulloch, bottom right is mine, and bottom right is from Lisa Kilhefner.

Oooh, and a bit of music to matchup with Jone's jellyfish poem on her postcard!  Under the Sea!

Floating creatures the jellyfish
One common dish
Jellyfish bells
Something that sells

Passive drifters known as smack
They won't attack
tentacles trail
Just like a veil

Undulating umbrellas
Ocean dwellers
Silent swimmers
Jellies glimmer

©2015 Jone Rush MacCulloch

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Faith

It is Spiritual Journey Thursday.  Go to Holly Mueller's site, Read, Write, Think and check out the Linky to see what others have written on FAITH.

Today Justin Stygles' has given us his OLW, "Faith", or as he has written it, "(Blind) Faith".  "Blind" in front of the word "faith", could mean that we cannot see what lies ahead.  So we go ahead blindly, hoping for a good outcome - as we hold onto the faith leading us down the path - or up the path.

But in my life, I don't feel that I'm walking "blindly" when I walk by faith.  When it says in the Bible that I walk by faith and not by sight, the "not by sight" part still doesn't mean I am blind. I have knowledge of God and his desires for me, and I've determined that God is with me.   I may not be able to see what He is walking me toward, but I have my eyes on God.  In that and in Him, I am not blind, and I cannot be walking blindly then.  I am walking by faith, with my eyes wide open.

Is a tightrope walker walking blindly as they focus on their goal, not looking down, but straight ahead?  They don't see the tightrope they are walking on, but they have faith that it is there even when they aren't looking at it.  In a sense, they are walking blindly, but they know they just need to keep their eyes on the other side, not the tightrope nor the ground beneath them.  They are trusting in the tightrope beneath their feet.  They've walked it before.  They've made sure that it is fastened appropriately.  They have practiced the movements before.  They could do it with their eyes closed.  But they didn't do it blindly.

There have been many times when I have had to keep my eyes on God and not think of the swirling waters or hard stones beneath me.  Remember Peter walking on the water at the calling of Jesus?  He was okay right up until the moment he took his eyes off Jesus and the doubts about what he was doing were allowed to swallow him up, and he sank.
The good thing though, was still that Jesus was there to rescue him and pull him back to safety.  Was Peter blind when he walked on the water - following blindly - or was he walking with the knowledge that Jesus was with him and was the source of his power?

Blind faith has the connotation of doing without seeing or thinking (though some of the thinking gets easier with faith).  Once you know how God wants you to respond in life, then you just have to think about the right choice, or path - the one with God.  Don't have blind faith.  Have faith.  Once you have been given grace, you have a different sight.  We can never be blind again. 

When I was a child of 5, I followed my parents to our new home.  I did not ask them where we were going or why or what would we do when we got there.  I followed blindly.  Or was it blindly?  I had faith in them.  I had faith that they were doing the best for me and our family.  Even though in the blind sense, I could not see where we were going and what our new home would be like, I was not blind to my parents' love and care.  I knew I would be safe following them.  I had faith in them.  I kept my eyes on them, and they didn't lead me astray.  Blind faith would, to me, indicate that you have not put your trust or faith in someone trustworthy, or that you do not know if they are concerned about your well-being.

I don't put my trust or faith in just anyone or anything.  I will not follow blindly.  But once the trust has been established and proven, then I can have that faith in them and follow even if I'm not sure of the outcome.

I can't leave without a poem.  It's what I do, I guess. 


I have faith in my key to open the door,
I have faith in my stove to bake,
I have faith in the roads I drive upon
And that maps show the right road to take.

I have faith that the windows will keep out the rain,
And faith that I'll get birthday wishes;
I have faith that my shoes will keep my feet warm,
And faith that I'll have enough dishes.

But those are the faiths that don't matter much,
The faiths in the things of the world;
I'm looking for faith that is stronger than that -
I'm looking for faith that's unfurled.

I'm seeking an outstretching, fathomless faith,
One that starts with a flickering flame
Until it is roaring and blazing upward
And warming my heart with His name.

This faith isn't blind to the person with sight;
It's right there in front of your eyes -
This faith calls for you to come nearer and know;
There is no beguilement or guise.

Faith in the Truth, the Way, the Life,
Faith in the promises made;
Faith in the Lamb, the one True Vine,
Faith that your way has been paid.

The roaring faith, the bold, the pure,
In God who was man on the cross -
The kind of a faith that leads you to live
In His comfort, despite any loss.

For we walk by faith and not by sight;
Trust in his footsteps to guide;
He loved you more than anyone could
And He proved that the day that He died.

Donna JT Smith, 2/2016

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