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Poetry Friday

It is almost March... shhh!  We have had torrential rains ... removing the snow from the face of our space on earth... it was over 50 yesterday... we've had thunder and lightning...  the dog can't keep her nose off the ground for more than a second (I'm surprised she isn't tripping over it)! Spring might be coming...  I woke to find it Winterless. Will winter rebound? Or spring abound? My hound a-bounding with nose to the ground has found Spring. Found Object - Ground!  Shhh!!! Laura Shovan is wrapping up her birthday month in layer upon layer of poetry written in response to Found Objects.  As the month winds down to its extra day, there have been so many poems written!  She has quite an array of poems for this month - from poetry about blood-letting to lost shoes to skulls... You should hop on over there and peel back a few layers to see what February is holding. She has had some guest hosts, too, and in case you missed it, I hosted las

Poetry Friday Roundup Is Here!

Open early for business!  Welcome, Friday Poets! It's just after Valentine's Day... the Presidents have had their birthday cake, it's before St. Patrick's Day...Christmas is well behind us and Fourth of July well ahead of us. And for your enjoyment - Because You Asked About the Line Between Poetry and Prose by Howard Nemerov narrated and explained here, text to scroll below it: This is a day.  But why not make it a celebration?  Shake out the poems!  Trim the poet-tree, make some hearty homemade Haiku, decorate a diamante, lift a lilting limerick, sing a sonnet solo, and snack on a soothing senryu or two.  But whatever you do, link it here so we can join you in your February 19th Day Between Other Celebrations Celebration Day! (and I'm sure someone out there must have a birthday, right?) Half Way to Somewhere Between the weathers and the nights Between the nevers and the mights Are the nows and in-betweens When only pines display th

SJT - Delight

D awn of day,   E agle’s flight,      L ightning bugs         I n the night,           G olden sunsets,              H ome in sight:                 T hese are things that bring delight. Today's Spiritual Journey Thursday's word is Irene Latham's OLW, "Delight" .  I love this word.  It is akin to saying something just "tickles" me.  A spring day, a grandchild's laughter, a butterfly landing nearby, a bird's call, or any other special moment is cause for delight!  I love those special times that bring a smile, and a maybe a little laugh to go with it.  How delightful to be delighted!   I once knew a girl whose name was Delight.  She was the one and only person I've ever known with that name.  She also was an only child, so I imagine she truly was the delight of her parents' lives.  I never really thought of her as delightful, but maybe I didn't give her a chance to live up to her name.  She may be more of a Delight to others

Found Object - Day 17

It is Day 17, and Found Object Poems are here today.  Laura Shovan is celebrating her birthday month with a poem a day in February, and is inviting anyone who would like to join in, to do so once, twice, thirteen or even 29 times (and every number in between)! You may put your poem in the comments on Laura's site yesterday or today.  If you are reading this now and haven't sent it yet, you might as well do it today and not yesterday. I'm excited and honored to be hosting today's "find", and will add poems as they are received, whilst sipping my steaming Latte Macchiato at Starbucks today!  I will add my poem at the end of the post, after all the others have been received and posted here!  Have a great time.  Let's see what wondrous words will be found here! PS - if you post late, I will continue to add poems that Laura forwards to me days later.... though I may not still be at Starbucks. Here is the image: What does this make you think

Found - Laura Shovan Fun

So you found it!  Yes, indeed.  Tomorrow is the day - Day 17 - to write to another "Found Object" image. Today's object was literally, well, wait.  Not it was probably more "lost" than "found", I guess.  It was found by me, but I'm not sure if the person who lost it ever found it.  This may be as "found" as it got. But let's see what will become of it!  Tomorrow I will continue to add poems as Laura sends them to me.  If you put them here in these comments, I can handle it, no problem; but you can post them in Laura's comments and she will send them to me, too. I will end the post tomorrow with my poem.  Don't read it and get distracted.  Write first.  Send second.  Read last.  Or not.  Whatever you need to do to get a running start at it, do.  I'll be waiting at Starbucks to see what you've come up with... I'm the one behind the iPhone.

Poeditty Friday

Michelle H. Barnes recent guest, David L. Harrison, has posted a challenge for this month - the challenge to use the word "ditty" in a poem.  Michelle's mailbox at Today's Little Ditty has been inundated with ditties for ditty, so I am posting my bit of a ditty here today for Poetry Friday. This week's Poetry Friday is happily being hosted by Kimberly at Written Reflections .  You know you've gotta go there!  But finish here first! A Ditty A ditty for my love Who’s gone so far away - I’ll sing a pretty ditty, Doleful ditty for each day. He’s packed his bitty ditty bag, And headed off to sea ’Tis such a gritty pity For so long away he’ll be. He’ll be singing his own ditty As he rides the fearsome blue; But hope that we will marry when He says, “I’m back for you!” He’ll open up the ditty bag To show the wedding ring; He’ll put it on my finger and A new tune I will sing! Our ditties soon will have to change

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Intent

It is Spiritual Journey Thursday.  When you are finished here, head over to Holly Mueller's site, "Read, Write, Think" and check out the Linky to see what others have written on today's word, " INTENT ".  This is Leigh Ann Eck's OLW (One Little Word) to guide her through the year. Intent, as a noun, is your reason or purpose in doing something. Is it mentioned in the Bible?  Yes, it is. Acts 10 29 Therefore came I unto you without gainsaying, as soon as I was sent for: I ask therefore for what intent ye have sent for me? Peter asked what Cornelius’ intentions were for sending for him. Cornelius had dreamed of Peter and listened as God told him to have Peter come and talk to him and his people about Jesus.  Cornelius and all who heard were saved when they listened to Peter as he spoke the words that God intended for them to hear. 44 While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word. 45 And they


Michelle H. Barnes at Today's Little Ditty interviewed David L. Harrison , and what a great interview it was!  You do need to check it out. And this month's word challenge on David's blog is "leaves" - in any format or any meaning. Michelle's word for February is "ditty" - working on that one now.  But here is my poem for  David's February Challenge. Everyone Leaves Everyone leaves At some time, Maybe through a door or dark of night; Perhaps in a moment of fright. Everyone leaves in some way, Whether with fanfare or no mention - Maybe just lack of attention. Everyone leaves; some do return, And then in good time, heart on their sleeve, There's a grand story to weave. Everyone leaves; it doesn't mean Perchance that I will leave someday also; I left once ages ago. ©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Poetry Friday Triple Scoop

It is Poetry Friday!  This week it is being hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect .  There are lots of links to lots of poetry!  Tabatha Yeatts has posed this next to impossible challenge of matching up a poem to a song.  She is really good at it.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I listen to very little new music.  So I have nothing coming into my brain to help me out here.  BUT, today when I saw one of Tabatha's poems, I thought about some of my Newfoundland music. Scoop 1: I finally found a matchup for a song and a poem.  I've selected Tabatha Yeatts' poem, The Old Ship to go with a song from Newfoundland (as I'm partial to this music and topic!) Away from the Roll of the Sea   Scoop 2: And Irene Latham's poem Adélie Seeking Adélie to go with Dark Eyed Sailor (lyrics here). They are both kind of like about waiting for a guy... the right one.  Only one is a guy with a white-ringed eye and the other is dark eyed. Score! Scoop

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Faith

It is Spiritual Journey Thursday.  Go to Holly Mueller's site, Read, Write, Think and check out the Linky to see what others have written on FAITH. Today Justin Stygles' has given us his OLW, "Faith", or as he has written it, "(Blind) Faith".   "Blind" in front of the word "faith", could mean that we cannot see what lies ahead.  So we go ahead blindly, hoping for a good outcome - as we hold onto the faith leading us down the path - or up the path. But in my life, I don't feel that I'm walking "blindly" when I walk by faith.  When it says in the Bible that I walk by faith and not by sight, the "not by sight" part still doesn't mean I am blind. I have knowledge of God and his desires for me, and I've determined that God is with me.   I may not be able to see what He is walking me toward, but I have my eyes on God.  In that and in Him, I am not blind, and I cannot be walking blindly then.  I am