Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pink Sky at Night

This summer we have had some spectacular sunsets.  Here's one from a couple of nights ago over Wiscasset.  We pulled off into the grocery store parking lot (there is only one grocery store) to watch.  It only lasts a few minutes, so you have to park fast.  Unfortunately we were on the side of the road that included wires. I could Shop them out of it, but that will be for a later date.

I thought about writing something descriptive and non-rhymy to go with the picture...something about how the colors floated across the it looked like an oil the oranges, pinks and blues charged the ensuing night the sky was on you could see the dragon's breath...

However the simple well-known rhyme kept nudging at me.  "Red sky at night, Sailors' delight, Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning."  I've heard it with farmers the same way, and sometimes using pink as the sky color.  And I was reminded of how really important knowing the weather is to the people here who farm and fish for a living.  It is a beautiful sky, but quite utilitarian in its beauty, as the fishermen and farmers plan their lives.

Pink Sky at Night

Pink sky in the morn
Fishermen forlorn;
Farmers will cry
The day won't be dry.

Rainy 'twill be
No men out to sea
Keep out of the field
No sickle to wield.

In the eve if it's red
There's a good day ahead.
Men fish in the bay
And farmers mow hay.

Get out while there's sun
There's work to be done
Don't dawdle abed,
Field and sea keep us fed.

With plenty for table
And hay in the stable,
Tho' backs will be sore,
This night men will snore.
by Donna JT Smith ©2011


  1. I thought my sunset pics were good, but this is astounding! You must have loved seeing it. And the poem is another of your best. I love how you've incorporated all the parts of a fishing life, and the going to bed/snoring at the end is such fun. Wouldn't your local newspaper like to see this?

  2. What a beautiful picture. I love sunsets. There is something so relaxing about watching them. Like closure for the day....


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