Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Does It Stop?

I wrote this after reading Ann's Twists and Turns post yesterday It is coming....  I'd been having a nagging "ticking" in my brain lately, and wondered what it was! 

“Bood-guy. . .”
“Goob-die. . .”
I am not going back
Don’t turn around
Eyes straight ahead
I'm hearing it still
“Tick, tock”
There, I said it.
When does
The ticking

I am so used to hearing it, that I imagine that I'm hearing it now. This is my first year of retirement, and still the tick, tock is a faint sound in my mind. I wonder when it stops?


  1. Donna - this is wonderful. I feel so proud that something I wrote connected with you. I really liked the way you took the "tick tock" sound and made it your own.

    I don't think the ticking is going to stop...I think you will get used to it being faintly in the background, but it will be with you. Once a teacher... :)

    Enjoy this next stage. You deserve it.

  2. I remember having that tick-tock when I stayed at home & didn't teach in the early years of my children growing up. As Ann said, I suspect the pull of late summer getting ready will always make you believe you should be doing something. Remember you did it already & now it's time to do those wonderful autumn things given up for so many years. The lines 'Don't turn around, eyes straight ahead" say much. Have a terrific rest of the summer with your husband!

  3. You captured the urge so many of us feel in a beautiful way. The "now I said it" made me smile. It brings reality to the forefront.


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