Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Picnic for Two

News Flash!
Yesterday hit 100 degrees in Maine AND I hit 100 posts for the year on that same warm day...two milestones involving lots of sweat for Me!

On this somewhat cooler day in the 80's, we went for our usual drive in the country. On Wednesday I had purchased a cooked chicken, but it had been too hot to eat at home this week, so it was still in the refrigerator awaiting it's fate. Since it's dump date day, we almost threw out the chicken. We wouldn't be back until late, so eating it then was probably not going to happen. And if we did, we'd have chicken bones in the trash all week.

Then we had a great idea. Why not take it with us and make a picnic lunch out of it? We haven't done that for years. We grabbed some ice packs for sprains and bruises out of the freezer and threw them in with the chicken, then some leftover bags of chips and a couple of packs of peanut butter crackers. We grabbed the trash and our computers and the lunch and headed for the door. We stashed the trash in the way back, lunch and computers in the back seat.

We headed for the hills to a bit of land we'd seen online that was for sale, but on the way we wanted to stop for our picnic lunch. We picked up a couple of drinks at gas station near the land. Before we looked at the parcel though, we plugged in "rest areas" in "Around Me" on the iPhone and found that just a short piece up the road there was somewhere we could sit and have our picnic.

It was quiet, breezy and shady. AND it had a few picnic tables. We were the only ones there. We unpacked the miscellaneous collection we'd gathered for our meal and thanked God for all the blessings in our lives. We ate all the chicken we could hold, and enjoyed the view and cool shade.
The piece of land we later found was not so great, but we had a wonderful picnic!

My Haiku at the pond:

Dragonflies deftly
Darting, skimming still waters
Mosquito hunting.


  1. Out among the leafy green, in the cool, cool grasses, by the cold, cold water... I think I get your point, and the photo is lovely. Hope your picnic was too, and kept you so cool!

  2. Congrats on 100 posts.

    I love the sound of your haiku. I had to read it out loud and my husband thinks it's fun to read too.

    Happy writing,


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