Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friendship and a Lobster Roll

First, let me say that my husband and I are best friends.  Our friendship has lasted 40 years now.  In 2012, we will have been married 40 years, and we knew each other exactly one year when we got married.

One of his favorite things to do, and mine too as of the day we met, is to drive around the countryside.  Today was our usual for the summer:  ride around until we find good views, good people and a good lobster roll!  Today we found it all in a little village called Friendship.  But don't tell anyone about it.
This gas station, deli, grocery, takeout, eat in, check your tire pressure place had a great lobster roll.  The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was naked...meaning nothing but lobster meat, and lots of it, on a toasted deli roll.  Heavenly.  Truly.  Heavenly.  
We sat outside at the round table with the red umbrella, as you can see in the picture.  It is just in back of the gas pumps. There is a green astro-turf carpet covering the area between the door and the gas pumps.  If you want gas, you only use the street side of the pumps.  The pumps were the old type, no credit card swiping here. Pay inside, please.

While we were there, someone drove up to the pumps, left their car running and filled up.  Then with the car still running, they walked inside to pay.  The first part is illegal, but no one is here to fine you.  And the second part just wouldn't work out for anyone living in Boston.  You'd find yourself walking home after filing the stolen car report.
While we were eating,  a dog came strolling out of the store, dragging his leash and lay down on the ground beside us.  The young lady attendant who owned him came out to make sure he was okay, then went back inside to work again.
Shortly after the car had left, a big Coastal Fuel truck pulled up to fill the station's tank.  The truck driver got out and rolled aside the astro-turf to get to the metal cap in the ground.  I don't think he has to do that in too many places.  I asked him if that was part of his job, and he grinned and shook his head, talked to the dog to reassure him he didn't have to get up, and proceeded to fill the nearly empty tank. 
As we got back into the car, I noticed on the side of the building, the hose for putting air in tires.  The sign above it addressed a conversation my husband and I had had not too long ago, since one of my tires seems to be using quarters to get refilled a lot lately.  The air is free here!

Who'd have thought that we'd be paying for air and water someday!  I'll bet there'll be a charge for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ soon...

Does that mean we'll be paying for friendship, too?


  1. First-congratulations on your forty years! It's quite a wonderful thing to have such a friendship. I loved the story. The description surely showed why the name of Friendship, and you tied it all together so well. It must have been a very nice day!

  2. I loved this story. Sounds like a great place. I've never had a lobster roll, but it looks delicious! The description of the gas station is classic. I love the idea of the astro turf being rolled aside... This would be a great setting for a story!

    And congrats on 40 years! A great milestone

  3. You've got my husband and I beat by 10 years. I love to go driving around too, he doesn't. When he worked swing and graveyard, I used to put the kids in the car between 4 and 6 - the witching hours - and drive. I admit I sometimes filled them up with McDonalds before we left town, but hey, it was the only way I was going to get some me time! (Thanks for the info you posted on my blog about The Seven of Pentacles. I added your info to the page posting.)


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