Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quit Squawking

I was sitting quietly at the kitchen table with the fan on me trying not to drip on anything.  It was a hot muggy late afternoon. I had the sliding glass door open to catch any small unsuspecting breeze.
The woods in back of the house were getting deeply shadowed, and the robin was trilling to let us know he was delighted that the evening was arriving.  By the way, he is equally thrilled at morning’s dawning! 
As I sat there drinking in the beautiful sounds of the robin, a loud squawk pierced the calm.  I tiptoed to the screen and peeked out.  The only animal I could see was the robin on the ground poking around for some stray worms, seemingly oblivious to the insistent squawking that was now emanating from the trees above.
I went to sit back down again.  The squawking was unrelenting and very loud.  I figured it must be some teenage bird awaiting the parent's return with "Take-Out".  As the constant complaining went on, the sun finally set.  Faintly, I heard the low, ominous hoot of an owl.  I turned off the fan so I could hear better.
“You’d better be quiet, baby bird, or you will be the Take-Out,” I whispered.
The bird squawked twice, but a bit softer now.  Again the owl hooted, closer and louder this time.  
One last very low squawk came from the bird in the treetop… not so much a complaint this time, but more of a disgruntled grumbling to itself. Like “I guess I’ll just take a nap and wait”…
Perhaps this young bird was not so stupid.
It reminded me of this little poem I wrote during a writers' workshop we had:

An owl says “Who?”
But I don’t know just why
As he swoops so silently
Down from the sky.

He knows who it is
That he spies on the ground.
Is he trying to scare
A poor mouse with that sound?


  1. Wow-love your new design. It looks great! And-liked your observation of the woodsy feathered friends. Makes me wonder if it really did just quiet down? Nice little poem, too. Those are the kind of poems that make me think of Valerie Worth's All The Small Poems.

  2. @teacherdance
    Thanks! It was just too muggy here to run around the house much, so I spruced up the site instead of the house!

  3. I love the new design too...very fun.

    Your description of what you heard was really was almost as if I was there!


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