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Home, Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home There are houses that just make you smile; Make coming home worth every mile. They ground your tired feet, And make your life sweet, As they beckon you, "Come sit awhile". by Donna JT Smith ©9/29/2018 Just had to write a limerick to go with the picture of this sweet house I spied.  Hope you are having a home, sweet home kind of day! Ok, now back to laundry and vacuuming...MY house beckons can't just sit, you know!  There are dust bunnies to be captured. For those of you who know about our home in Friendship, Gull Haven, I am going to post some updates on that blog later today.  It has been a stressful year, but some clouds are lifting.  We may get there sometime... Okay, updates on Friendship kitchen fiasco HERE .

Red Foxes and Maples

This week we saw changing leaves and spied a beautiful, healthy fox in a field.  Don't usually see a fox in broad daylight unless it is sickly.  This one had a gorgeous bushy tail and was leery of crossing the field in plain sight, so he looked more like he'd been disturbed from his daytime slumber. It reminded me of the maples turning red surrounded by the greens.  I'd passed the tree a few times, and then we actually turned around so that I could take the picture.  I just had to have it for a poem that was brewing.  Of Maples and Foxes Scarlet in the field  alerts  to the cold of deepest white and sparkling ebony nights; sprints through the golden stubbly fields and heron's cooling marsh under unmarred blue skies; leaps spires of fading greens piles of gray stones stitched acres and babbling crystal brooks; peers from ever-deep-greens through yellow tipped hedges around silver sheds and barns; and green turns to gold 

What a Rose Knows

This summer has been one of fun, but other things, too, that have been slightly less fun or distracting to say the least.  I must say, one of the more fun things that has kept my mind busy and happy has been Tabatha Yeatts-Lonske's poetry exchange.  I wrote poems for other poets, and received some poems in the mail. It has been fun to get actual mail in the mailbox - kinda like the olden days! In the midst of some chaos, I received Molly Hogan's parcel.  Molly just lives a few towns away, and knows the parts of Maine that I am familiar with also, so though I knew I wouldn't have time to savor the poem,  I opened the envelope to have a sneak peak!  Roses, ocean... but had to set it aside before reading very much.  I slid everything back in its envelope for safe keeping.  The envelope moved from the kitchen table to the kitchen counter, and then to a nightstand where it sat safely waiting for me to have a mellow moment to remember it again. The moment came, and I went th

Happy Anniversary

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32 It’s how we’ve run our day to day married life. It’s Forever When I married you,   I did not know - Could not fathom - That the years Would go by so quickly. I did not know where years came from  Nor where they went. But I had only seen 21 years - a young girl so far And had only known you for a year when we said “I do” - “I do take thee Forever.” It is almost that now - I would like to take you For one more Forever, please. This one hasn’t  been long enough. By Donna JT Smith, (c) 2018 Happy 46th anniversary, Tim. It has been a good path, so let’s keep on walking It!

First Spiritual Thursday - My Path

I scoured my brain for ideas for this month's topic for First Spiritual Thursday.  It was not an easy task for some reason. So many activities, events, adventures and misadventures this summer have taken up brain space, making it difficult to focus on writing at all. I finally landed on a moving target - the paths we’ve taken - by choice or nudging. Do you remember a time something amazing happened because    of an opportunity you took?       a corner you turned?          a door you opened? How have you been led to where you are today? Let’s just call it “My Path” and see what comes of it! Maybe this gives you a different take on it altogether! Even I will be surprised. I have no preconceived idea of where this will lead me... I'm so curious as to where this "path" may lead! KJV Dictionary definition of "path": P`ATH, n. plu. paths. Gr. to tread. 1. A way beaten or trodden by the feet of man or beast, or made hard by wheels; that pa