Friday, February 26, 2016

Poetry Friday

It is almost March... shhh! 

We have had torrential rains ... removing the snow from the face of our space on earth... it was over 50 yesterday... we've had thunder and lightning...  the dog can't keep her nose off the ground for more than a second (I'm surprised she isn't tripping over it)!
Spring might be coming...
 I woke to find it Winterless.

Will winter rebound?
Or spring abound?
My hound
with nose to the ground
has found
Found Object - Ground!  Shhh!!!
Laura Shovan is wrapping up her birthday month in layer upon layer of poetry written in response to Found Objects.  As the month winds down to its extra day, there have been so many poems written!  She has quite an array of poems for this month - from poetry about blood-letting to lost shoes to skulls... You should hop on over there and peel back a few layers to see what February is holding.
She has had some guest hosts, too, and in case you missed it, I hosted last Wednesday, and Michael Ratcliffe is hosting today's Found Object poems.

My poem for today was in response to Jessica Bigi's picture of a stack of cardboard.

Day 26: 

Cycles (to the rhythm of "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon")

Hey, tacky-tacky
This paper is stacky.
The jet flew over the sun.
Though sunset not pink
The orb gave me a wink,
“I’ll return when recycling’s done.”

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

ONE With the Tree

I freeze on the tree
I am ONE with the tree
I AM the tree
To act like a tree
One must BE the tree
When I am the TREE
You don’t see me
I am the perfect
Even my eggs like free-
Falling seeds
Drop from me
When I am
The tree
I AM the perfect
Or am I
The tree?

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

Yesterday's poem was in response to a whole bunch of labeled keys hanging on a panel.  Again, see Laura's site for the image.  I headed off in some direction and just let it keep going until it ended.  It was kind of a rabbit trail and Alice in Wonderland concoction that had me wondering where it was going as I wrote it.  Fortunately, for all of us, it finally ended.

Day 25

Key to Happiness

Alice to herself:
“Which do you pick, Alice
Which key will you choose?
If you pick the wrong one
You could stand to lose…”

“There’s really no wrong choice,”
She heard Cheshire Cat say,
“So pick any one;
Don’t think, don’t delay.”

Alice to herself:
“Be cautious, my dear,
Use careful detection;
One key could be lucky,
So take care in selection.”

“Please, go on,” said Cheshire,
“And make one your choice;
One key’s for a clock,
One’s for a Rolls Royce.”

Alice to herself:
“If you pick the wrong key
Don’t pout at your lot;
Perhaps it will still be
A pretty good spot.”

“Which one?” asked the Cat,
The big or the little?
The left or the right?
Or one in the middle?”

Alice to herself:
“One key may unlock
The best kind of thing,
Or maybe the worst
Is what it will bring.”

“There’s really no wrong choice,”
Cheshire Cat said once more,
“So pick any one, dear;
Just not 74.”

Alice to herself:
“Well, here goes nothing,
I’ll just take the dive
And say I want key number
One hundred five.”

“Oh, very good choice
You’ve done very well,
For this is the key
For something so swell!”

Alice to herself:
“Something that’s swell
Sounds pretty great!”
And with that CC handed her
Keys to some skates.

Then Alice went swiftly
Off down the street
Rejoicing that she’d
Picked a key that was sweet.

It wasn’t a Rolls Royce
Or other grand treasure
But a smallish-foot-sized

©2016, Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved

And with that, I urge you to visit other Poetry Friday offerings!  Go to Liz Steinglass' page and look for more links to the world of poetry! 


  1. It has been a delight to read everyone's poems, including yours, Donna. I didn't read your latest, still need to write mine, but will be sure to see what everyone has shared later in the day. I love your key poem story, such a dilemma to choose! Amazing weather here too, but only a tiny bit of moisture on Monday. We'll have sixties and seventies again over the weekend! Love the dog story, new smells!

    1. We are back to freezing temperatures. This has been a roller coaster of a winter! No snow now, but won't be surprised to have it back again.

  2. Donna, starting off with a goodby to winter and hello to spring and rounding it off with your varied and delightful poetry makes for an enjoyable post to read. The month-long journey with Laura's community of writers has been a great experience.

  3. I love it! It's perfect. I love the poem and the word winterless.

  4. Oh, I did have such fun reading "Key to Happiness" !

    1. It was fun to write. I wasn't sure where it was taking me at times!

  5. Oh, Donna, I'm afraid you spoke too soon about the end of winter! We've had bitterly cold winds today that put any thoughts of spring right out of mind.

    1. I know! Eeesh! Still no snow but definitely cold!

  6. Your poems are clever and diverse, Donna. You've treated the muse so well, she may stay for March as well!

  7. You sure have the key to happiness - poetry and lots of it! :-) Kudos to all of you found poets. :-)


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