Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Found - Laura Shovan Fun

So you found it!  Yes, indeed.  Tomorrow is the day - Day 17 - to write to another "Found Object" image. Today's object was literally, well, wait.  Not it was probably more "lost" than "found", I guess.  It was found by me, but I'm not sure if the person who lost it ever found it.  This may be as "found" as it got.
But let's see what will become of it!  Tomorrow I will continue to add poems as Laura sends them to me.  If you put them here in these comments, I can handle it, no problem; but you can post them in Laura's comments and she will send them to me, too.

I will end the post tomorrow with my poem.  Don't read it and get distracted.  Write first.  Send second.  Read last.  Or not.  Whatever you need to do to get a running start at it, do.  I'll be waiting at Starbucks to see what you've come up with...

I'm the one behind the iPhone.

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