Friday, February 5, 2016

Poetry Friday Triple Scoop

It is Poetry Friday!  This week it is being hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect.  There are lots of links to lots of poetry! 

Tabatha Yeatts has posed this next to impossible challenge of matching up a poem to a song.  She is really good at it.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I listen to very little new music.  So I have nothing coming into my brain to help me out here.  BUT, today when I saw one of Tabatha's poems, I thought about some of my Newfoundland music.

Scoop 1:
I finally found a matchup for a song and a poem.  I've selected Tabatha Yeatts' poem,
The Old Ship to go with a song from Newfoundland (as I'm partial to this music and topic!)
Away from the Roll of the Sea
Scoop 2:

And Irene Latham's poem Adélie Seeking Adélie
to go with Dark Eyed Sailor (lyrics here).

They are both kind of like about waiting for a guy... the right one.  Only one is a guy with a white-ringed eye and the other is dark eyed.

Scoop 3:
And I have the other two postcards that I received through Amy Souza's exchange to display - Top right from Amy Souza,  top left from Jone Rush MacCulloch, bottom right is mine, and bottom right is from Lisa Kilhefner.

Oooh, and a bit of music to matchup with Jone's jellyfish poem on her postcard!  Under the Sea!

Floating creatures the jellyfish
One common dish
Jellyfish bells
Something that sells

Passive drifters known as smack
They won't attack
tentacles trail
Just like a veil

Undulating umbrellas
Ocean dwellers
Silent swimmers
Jellies glimmer

©2015 Jone Rush MacCulloch


  1. Triple scoop indeed! A trifecta! And you say you're not good at that poem-song pairing... these are wonderful! I love the peek inside your mailbox as well... postcards are the best! Thank you, Donna. You inpsire me! xo

  2. Thanks for finding a song for my postcard. How fun. I am going to try this with my postcards.

  3. Donna, I always enjoy your posts and love the pairings of poems and songs. What fun! As someone who once lived on a ship, I especially enjoyed the first pair. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that 'triple scoop" and isn't that a cherry on top, too? They're all wonderful pairings. That ship poem by Tabatha, "the ship watches the sea" & your music is lovely. And those loving penguins! Plus the postcards! Lots of poetry fun happening.

  5. Oh, I'm so glad someone is doing this - and doing it well!
    I am TERRIBLE at putting together music for things; I see that's a cool trend now as authors identify what songs go with what characters, etc., and I'm like... ? But, you did it! These go!

  6. Great job, Donna! Lovely music you picked :-) You are so good with maritime topics of all kinds!

  7. Matching songs with postcards...neat idea!

  8. A triple-play! These are wonderful, and I love the maritime theme, esp. Tabatha's verses,

    "But anything can happen at sea,

    And the cargo it brings to shore
    Next December
    Will be a revelation"

  9. Your pairings are perfect, Donna! Not sure I can choose a favorite, but I do like those glimmering jellies.

  10. Okay. For someone who's not very good at this music/poetry thing, you've got a pretty rich post here! At least you gave it a try. I said "not good at it" and didn't even give it a go. Maybe you'll be the one to shame me into at least trying it!

  11. That was wonderful, Donna! My favorite is the first one. The poem and song seem made for each other and the children's choir is gorgeous.

  12. Donna, your triple scoop is such a treat. I love that you showcased poems by Tabitha, Irene, and Jone along with Linda's review especially since I missed all first time around. Great job matching the poems with songs.

  13. I love the vision of 'undulating umbrellas' - and that video! Lovely!

  14. Mary Lee said just what I wanted to — you're really good at this poetry/music match-up business, Donna. No more excuses for you. ;) Thanks for introducing me to some beautiful poems and music! (BTW, given your first two musical selections, you might give Steeleye Span a listen. I think you'd like them.)

    1. I checked them out. Your are right, I do like them! Thanks!


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