Wednesday, April 3, 2024

C is for Curious

 Good Words Alphabetically: C is for Curious

Day 3 of the A to Z Challenge. 

C is for Curious

Although curious can lead you into trouble sometimes - just ask my brothers - it's still a good quality to have or pursue.  It wakes up your brain, and you can experience things you never even know existed.  But be safe out there! Lol!

Curiouser and curiouser
we heard Alice say.
That meant there were strange things
all coming her way.
Curiouser and curiouser
I feel as I look
beyond all the bustle
and peer in a brook,
the babble, the burble,
the splash over logs,
the peering at me
lrom a lumpy-eyed frog
who’s curious, too
how I sit high and dry
and enjoy watching gulls
watching me as they fly.
They’re curious too
why I don’t flap those things
that look odd but vaguely
like unfeathered wings.
And what of the fish
who see only water
until they are caught
by a hook or an otter
or other such thing
that thinks they are lunch?
Other than that
do they have a hunch
there’s a curious world
just past the tide line?
There’s so much to inspect,
understand and divine.
In this curious world
full of curious things
should we sit here and wait
or grow fins and wings?
By Donna JT Smith ©️4/3/2024

See you tomorrow for D...hmmm.  Wish I'd thought to poemize some of these earlier...or at least come up with a word!  I'm sure it will arrive in my brain shortly.


  1. Unexpected twist at the end, Donna.

  2. I always heard "curiousity killed the cat" from adults who didn't feel like answering kids' questions. But it's a wonderful quality to have because how else do we ever learn? Love your very clever, charming poem!

  3. Such a wonderful visual playground you've painted with your words. I feel myself standing on a small bridge looking into that brook...with all its treasures you have piqued my curiosity.
    With smiles, Jenny

  4. One of my nicknames is "the curious" and people ask me is it for being "curious" strange or "curious" trying to explore the world. "Yes" I answer. Your poem captures that perfectly.


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