Monday, April 22, 2024

S is for Salubrious

Good Words Alphabetically: S is for Salubrious

I KNOW you didn’t see this one coming, did you?

My husband used to say “And how are you this lugubrious day?” Now that sounds like it must mean “this FINE day”, but it seemed wrong to me, so I double checked one day. Perhaps he’d started saying it as his mind was beginning to go, because he didn’t often use words incorrectly. At any rate, when faced with the reality of its meaning, he never said it again.
When I saw salubrious today, I wish I’d given him this option. I think this is what he was going for and why what he said seemed vaguely correct.

Salubrious means favorable to or promoting good health, healthful.
Lagubrious has a much different meaning: melancholy, sad, mournful.

Little Changes

Even on sad, dreary days
weighty and lugubrious
I want to find the shimmery
glowing bits salubrious.
When things are not the happiest
And nimbus heavy looms
There’s either still or soon to be
Some shaft that blinds the gloom.
Bits of stars between the clouds
Geese nesting murmuring low
Raindrops glistening on a bud
Or tree leaves’ whispery show.
Look beyond lugubrious
And hum a song or two
Salubrious days will find their way
To join in tunes with you.
Every day and all the ways
Breathe deeply, look for sweet
It matters not the harshest path
Nor weather that you meet.
It’s what you make of circumstance
Of heavy fog you see
Is its intent to cloud the mind
Or is it brewing tea?

By Donna JT Smith ©️2024



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