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Shadows Express e-zine has their Summer Edition out and available here free.  And my poem is in it!  Yea!  "Two Rainbows and the Moon" was written one year ago (less about a week) right after I saw that beautiful sky after a rain shower.  It just struck me as so beautiful, that I had to write about it.  Here's what I wrote the day I saw two rainbows and the moon, before writing the poem:

"But let me tell you what I saw.
On my left, the horizon was sporting puffy golden and pink clouds with upper highlights of silvery white on the light blue watercolored sky.  To my right, there were heavy gray clouds, threatening rain.  But in the middle of those gray clouds was a rosy deep pink glow, like the flushed cheeks of a child with a fever...the glow seemed to emanate from the cloud, but in reality it was the reflection of the setting sun on that cloud...and then...
two rainbows over that fevered cloud!
As I made a turning exit off the highway, almost reversing my direction, I saw now between the two sun creations, the bright white, almost full moon in the clearing between the clouds of the setting sun and the reflective clouds with rainbow.
How much beauty can you take at one sitting, I wondered.
I was mesmerized and wished that I could somehow get this recorded.
I guess I did in a fashion...
I hope my memory of it remains clear.  At least I've written a photograph."

Then I wrote the poem.  To read the poem, go to Shadows Express, and then read lots of good short pieces and poems by new writers... Hey, I'm on the last page!  How great is that!?!?!?! I love it!  And I love the photo they put as a background.  It isn't quite as lovely as what I REALLY saw that day, but it's still pretty great!
Thank you everyone who has encouraged me in my poetry.  I love doing it, and though sometimes I am still scared inside that people are just being nice to me and tolerating my  okay poems, I'm beginning to believe that some of them might really be pretty ok.  Why is it so hard to believe in ourselves sometimes?  I'm still sure someone someday is going to step forward and say, "Who do you think you are, girl?  You aren't a writer.  We've just been letting you write and making you feel good as best we could.  But your time's up.  Put your pencil down and get the laundry done."  Oh, wait, that "someone" saying that is me.
Anyway, I am going to be so bold as to say: I liked this piece -  I am pleased with this poem -  I hope I have more in me that can fall onto the page as well as this one did.
And it is so absolutely neat that on the last possible submission day, which also happened to be my husband's birthday, I accidentally re-discovered this ezine as I was blogging around.   And then I got so bold as to think "why not?"  And submitted a poem.  AND got it accepted.
If you saw this today, you will see this as a repost on Friday.  Readership is down on Sundays, and I'd like to have it posted for Poetry Friday.  So I'm pre-posted for two days.  I was going to wait until Friday to post this, but I just CANNOT.
Have a great day, all!
Wishing you two rainbows and the moon today!
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  1. I thought it was beautiful then, and still do! So exciting, Donna. And yes, the poem is certainly 'worthy' of publishing. We do have to do lots of self-talk, don't we? Lovely to wake up to this on a Sunday!

  2. How exciting for you! That is a beautiful poem, so tell that voice to hush. You have a gift creating poems. I am in awe every time I read one. How does she do that is running through my mind. Thanks for the link to this e-zine.

  3. So beautiful!
    Yes, we do a lot of that negative self talk, I'm doing a little of that now, wondering how in the world I could ever think I was good enough to publish one book let alone two. Amazing! I think like you, soon everyone will know what a 'fake' I am too.
    We have to brush that aside and keep our dreams alive. You are very, very talented! Be assured!

  4. That so exciting -- congrats!

    1. Thanks, I am excited about it. Maybe I'll set about doing more!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Matt. The inspiration for it was even more beautiful.

  6. Another congratulations from me, as well! How marvelous to see your own creation all published!! Bravo!

  7. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing what you saw with readers!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! I don't think a photo would have been possible, as it took up all of the skI wish I could have. It was so amazing.

  8. Donna,
    I cannot begin to tell you how many times I am stopped by the sky. Sometimes it's the colors I see, sometimes the sun and the way it rests on the horizon, sometimes it is the moon as it playfully hangs in the sky, but always something catches my attention. I try taking pictures, but it is lost. I try finding words, but they're not enough. I've lost sky after sky. Today I stop by your blog to read your poem and I can see YOUR sky. You've captured it beautifully in words and I feel like I'm sitting in the long grass just looking at your amazing sky.

    Congratulations on your poem.


    1. Thank you! I'm so thrilled that you could "see" my sky! I am usually disappointed in sky pictures, too. The image never does justice to the reality. I too love looking at the sky. It always has something to fascinate.

  9. Congratulations, Donna! You should be pleased with this poem; it's wonderful. I love the way you set up "two rainbows and the moon" as a refrain. Isn't it too bad that we waste so much energy doubting ourselves? We should just keep writing!

  10. Congratulations! Silence that voice in your head that threatens to hold you back! Be bold, be brave, and most of all, KEEP WRITING!!

    (love the photo they chose for your poem -- if what you saw was more beautiful...wow!)

  11. What a beautiful to thing - to write a wish as a poem. And what a rich wish this is. Thank you! I also love your wondering about 'how much beauty can you take at one sitting". My apologies for the late comment - I had to travel unexpectedly. Happy poetry week! a.


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