Saturday's Poetry Friday Continued

Well, Friday morning came way too early for me.  I was congested and up by 2 am and attempted to sleep in a chair.  That didn't work out.  So I was pretty tired for Friday.
While I was awake, I wrote my poems for Poetry Friday and posted them along with some tired drivel that I decided to leave up.
After I posted my poet/poet tree poem, I visited other Poetry Friday posts.  When I got to Father Goose's I read his poem about a bee, and then wrote the following poem as a comment.  I changed my mind, and didn't submit it as a comment.   I'm posting it now as a poem inspired by the poem written by Charles Ghigna at Father Goose's.

Are you supposin'
a rose is chosen
by a honeybee's nosin'?
Or thinkest thou
the hue is how
and why a rose gets chosen?

Oh, goodness.  The title that I was just about to write for this post has inspired me to write something else.  So I have to think of a different title, just in case I use the one I'm thinking of on some other piece of writing.  I'm becoming consumed by another idea now.  I should be sick all the time.


  1. Always a good thing when something you write inspires something else. Enjoy it. :-D

  2. Hi, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Thanks for your support.


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