Friday, May 31, 2013

Poetry Too Early

I woke up at 2:00 AM and it is now 4:23 AM.  These are not hours one should be aware of.  Or - These are not hours of which one should be aware.  Oh, dear.  I'm getting tired when a preposition at the end of a sentence bothers me. I'm sneezing and coughing and stuffy.  I haven't been sick since a lot of time ago.  I don't think I'm going anywhere tomorrow/today.  Mucinex DM, please kick in.  I want to go to sleep.
While sleepless, I did manage to be somewhat fruitful, crawling out to the computer and writing these for Poetry Friday hosted by Betsy at Teaching Young Writers.  I don't know why, but poetry and poet tree and po-or tree kept floating through my mind.  I stopped them for a bit to mull them over and try them out.  So this is very early morning poetry...and there is no poet tree in sight.  I am not sitting under it.  I'm in the kitchen 'neath a bright o'erhead light.  Oh, I'm tired.  I need to breathe.
I'm posting this and then maybe sitting upright in the living room to fall asleep before the dawn's early light...which should be happening any minute now.  Oh, no.  I hear birds.  It isn't even light yet, and the birds are awake...I'm doomed!


Poet tree
I sit by thee
and write a bit
of poetry
I'm happy to be
poet me
instead of
poet tree.
Poet Tree

I'm a little poet tree
Where poets come to sit by me
And wrestle with their poetry.

I wish that I had words as fruit
And ripened they'd fall at my root
And poets could pick ones that suit.

But I've no words so cannot try it
I only have some shade and quiet
I cannot help a poet write it.

I'm just a peaceful poet tree
Where fruitful poets sit by me
And words submit to poetry.
I'm out of here.  Ear plugs for the birds.  I mean for me... so the birds can't be heard.  I don't even know where their ears are.  I think the Mucinex is working.  I'm breathing and sleepy.

PS: I wrote another poem that I will wait to post tomorrow.  It isn't about a poet tree, thankfully.


  1. Well, I like them both, but especially the second one! I'm impressed that having a cold & in the wee hours, you can craft such poems. Get well fast, Donna! FYI-I have a little book, which also was created into a journal titled Poet-Tree!

    1. The sitting up didn't work out for sleeping. But day has arrived, and I have survived. Oh, my soul...stop the rhyming! I've already written tomorrow's poem during my awake stint. Neat journal title. Is it full of poems or is it a blank book for writing in? I mean in which to write...

  2. I wish that I had words as fruit
    And ripened they'd fall at my root
    And poets could pick ones that suit.

    Just loved this verse - I could visualize luscious fruit, gifts for the poet-to-be.

    1. Thanks! I liked it too, but one never knows when it's the middle of the night and your head is stuffed up if it's a good visualization or a mediocre hallucination!

  3. My animals have been conspiring to have me up in the middle of the night all this past week. Last night it was 1:30. And 3:30. And 5:00.
    The cat needs to figure out that 3:00am is not dinner time.

  4. Oh, and I like your idea of a poet tree. And the poems that came from it.

    1. Thanks, and sorry you had the scheduling problem with the cat. They have this thing about eating when they want, regardless of the time. We've had nights like that, too1 Then they are peacefully sleeping all day.

    2. Which is what mine's doing right now! The scoundrel!

  5. I like these, but I'm sorry about the sleeplessness -- that is never any fun.

  6. I sympathize! But how marvelous that you were able to write while you were feeling bad. Maybe being a little out of it helps with creativity?

  7. I hope you are feeling better! I love the visual of sitting under this tree. Rest up!

  8. So glad you were productive in those wee hours. Now, get well, sleep and breathe, and dream of poets and trees and words dropping like fruit.

  9. I hope you're feeling better and got some rest. I love these, especially the second one--with the words as fruit and the quiet, write it, and try it rhyme.

  10. I agree that those hours should not be known to anyone. I hope the stuffiness subside, hey maybe you can write a poem about a stuffy nose and watery eyes!


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