I Wonder...

It's Poetry Friday!  Yea! Tabatha Yeatts of The Opposite of Indifference is our gracious host today.  Go find some great poetry links to sunny up your day and make your toes sing! (oh, yeah, they sing...ask my kids) 
Okay, here are my poems for kids at heart... all wondery today.  The first one, posted before but read very little, was instigated by Father Goose.  It in turn instigated the others poems.  I wonder what will be next.

How and Why

Are you supposin'
a rose is chosen
by a honeybee's nosin'?
Or thinkest thou
the hue is how
and why a rose gets chosen?

Ant Bee

An ant's as busy as a bee
without the wings to fly.
Do you think ants would love a chance
to strap on wings and try?

I Wonder

I wonder what a fish would do
if he had shoes like us.
Do you think he would walk to school
or ride in a school bus?

Who Is It?

When I was just a little one
I knew my momma’s voice;
And if I saw a hundred mom’s
There'd only be one choice.
I’d know my momma’s face and sound,
And run right up to her;
I’d snuggle close to go to sleep,
And then I’d start to ...

I have a few more "wonders"...


  1. I was gonna say I like the first one best, but, then, I was gonna say I like the last one, but I like the second one, too... Okay, so I like the third one least, but it's only because the other ones are so good.

    1. Thanks, Andrew. I'll work on that third one. I wanted to get "school" in there, so this one may need some further and future adjustments!

  2. I like that your first poem was inspired by Father Goose (I remember that poem, too). It's great how Poetry Friday-ers have all these twisty connections. I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but it's hard to resist a poem with a purr!

    1. The twisty connections reminds me of doing the food chain activity with yarn. Writing is like that with so many connections to other people and places and things that if we tied a bit of yarn end to each thing our brain tucked away for later use we'd be in quite a tangle!

  3. These are all so whimsical. I do like "Who is it?" for the purr answer at the end.

    Violet N.

    1. Thanks, Violet! I so love your name! Do you collect all things violet? My maiden name was Thistle, so I've collected a few things! Oh, just thought wouldn't that be a sweet name - "Violet Thistle"! Now for the middle name...hmmm.

  4. Love that final one, Donna, so sweet, and the others are good, too. Good idea for the poetry!

    1. Wow! I've been so busy lately, I haven't been able to visit! I'm going to remedy that some today, but I still have a lot on my plate! It's all good stuff though. I'm glad you still stop by to give me words of support - I know your plate is pretty full, too!


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