I is for Irene & Sherry II

A to Z - Today is I.  Or should that be, today is me?  No, I.
This lobster boat is named after the two " girls" in the lobsterman's life, as is custom.
"Irene & Sherry II"
Named after women
So dear in a life;
One is his daughter,
The other his wife.

Not together asea,
Yet never alone;
Adored adorn
To bring him home.
Educational Intermission
Indigo - sometimes, like once in 2 million times, you may see a blue lobster.  I've got to eat more lobster.  I think I'm about halfway to 2 million now and haven't seen one yet!


  1. Nice poem again and interesting factoid, I love to see lobsters yellow - from lots of butter - yum!

    1. I eat my lobster plain, plain, plain...unless it's a lobster roll - then I'd need a roll.

  2. Cute poem. I think I saw a special on TV once and they showed one..

    1. There have been some good programs/videos on lobstering.

  3. i love that name irene, you don't hardly hear it anymore!

    1. You really don't hear it much, though I do know two grown women by that name.

  4. I enjoyed this poem. Very nice. I am also writing poems for the A toZ challenge. I'm always happy to find other poets.

  5. I love the way you put the words together, Donna, "not together area, yet never alone..." Very sweet sentiment.


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