O is for Obsession

Today for the A to Z Challenge (click on tab above for over 1000 links to more participants) is the letter O.  And for those of you starting to paint the letter Q on your newly acquired lobster boats, well, you can keep painting that name "Quinellybelle" or "Quidley Squidly", BUT I FOUND ONE.  Yea!  Actually I found three, but I only have a picture of one.  So Friday is the big Q day...finally, I can almost rest.  Only one left.  Z.  But I have high hopes that a Zebra will show up!

The letter O, for "Obsession" and "Outlaw" and  "Outer Limits"

Yield to obsession
This passion for sea
Give in to its power
Go where you must be!

Caught up with the catch
Moved by the motion
Wrapped up in its power
Obsessed with the ocean

Once you've been trapped
Your whole being, your will
Will not be released,
You now live for this thrill.


 I've been banned as a companion
Like an untamed wild beast
I am a predatory animal
Looking for a feast.

I'm a rebel, nonconformist
With laws I often wrest 
I play by rules I've set myself
Most others I protest.

I really am a good guy,
Or gal to be precise,
I try to live up to my name
But actually I'm quite nice.

"Outer Limits"
Through the deep waters
My hull cuts its way
To traps that are set
Outside of the bay.

Gulls overhead will
Go past nature's source
Looking for handouts
They follow our course.



  1. Wonderful poems! Obsession reminded me of my grandfather. His dream was to sail around the world. :)

    1. Thanks! I have a love/fear obsession with the sea! Can't imagine sailing around the world!

  2. Another Maine blogger! There are actually quite a few of us doing the A-Z challenge. Your blog is very fun.

  3. wow donna, your posts during this challenge have made my longing for a vacation on the shore, very powerful!!!

    1. Now that I'm retired, I feel like I'm on vacation every day!

  4. This is a very nice post! I enjoyed reading this a lot.


  5. Thanks, Gina! I'm having fun writing them!


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