N is for No Time

A to Z Challenge (see tab above or link to the right) and Slice of Life Tuesday today!

Three boats and three poems for today!
N is getting along in the alphabet.  I need a Q boat name for Friday!  And a U for next week, though I kind of found a U name... no picture, but a lobster boat name from years ago.
SO, if you have a boat you haven't named yet, I think you ought to name your boat Quick Quixote or Quilly Wonka...Ultra Sultry or Utterly Ugly...anything with a Q or a U!  Then paint the name on it, move to Maine, take a picture and send it to me.  That should be easy enough to do for next week.  And I think dedicated readers SHOULD be willing to do this, for the sake of blogging integrity.   Any Z name would be fine, also.   Suggestions:  Zed's Meds, Zealously Jealous. 
Don't make me resort to buying my own fleet!  
Oooh, a copy of PhotoShop would be cheaper!

No Time
"No Time"

There's no time to lose
The hours fly by
No time like the present
The wind and waves sigh.

At sea there's no time
It's stirred in the wake
Evening comes quickly
Soon after daybreak

Most of our lifetime
Our time is not free
But time spent at sea
Is just No Time and me

Number 7
"Number 7"
I lead a blessed life,
I'm straight out of heaven
A guardian angel
The great Number 7

 Nadine Rae

"Nadine Rae"

Nadine Rae, what did you say?
"It's time for work and not for play."
Nadine Rae, why can't you wait?
"Get your boots and get your bait."
Nadine Rae, why do you nag?
"Grab that gaff and bait that bag."
It's time to go, I know, I know!
"Best be quick, or I'll make you row!"

Educational Nook:
New-shell lobster = A lobster that has recently molted (see M), and whose shell is still very soft. These aren't usually for sale. They are softer than a "soft-shell" (see S next week), which is sold. These do not get bands put on their claws because they are so soft they can't damage other lobsters in the holding tank and the bands could crush the claws.


  1. I didn't know lobsters molted. I thought that just meant losing your feathers if you were a bird. I was thinking of N names for a boat - I like Naughty Nellie or Ungulating .... hummm naming is not easy.

    1. It is difficult to name a boat. You want it to be something meaningful to you but not something that is hard to say or you don't like saying all the time when you are talking to other boats on the radio.

  2. I especially loved that first one. That's what I'm craving--away "no-time". Beautiful.

    1. Sometimes when we feel like we have no time, we need to take time and spend it like there is no time like the present! BUT in no time at all the time is gone again! Summer is great for No Time days!

  3. Stopping by from A-Z. Love boats! These are all neat, funky, quirky all rolled into one. My favorite kind. Great to meet you :)

  4. Great poem about No Time. You can take that name two ways - no time to lose to get on that boat and no time to get on that boat. LOL. Sometimes we just go and sit at the marina having a drink. Very relaxing.

  5. Donna,
    These two lines just keep calling me back:

    At sea there's no time
    It's stirred in the wake


    1. I love to watch the wake and the churning water behind the boat. I can lose myself in it!

  6. One of my favorite names for a boat begins with N. I saw it in the yacht club in Bellingham Bay, Wa, my home town. Sorry no picture but the name was "Nauti Boy."


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