Y is for YYY

My theme for April, Poetry Month and the A to Z Challenge: Maine Lobster Boat Names A to Z with poems for each...
Now this next boat...YYY may just be a no name and the YYY is part of the registration number.  But since there were no other numbers there - I'm taking it!  I haven't found any other Y names yet, so this is what I'm going with!
I think it is a question...or three questons: Y? Y? Y?  (Why? Why? Why?)
Isn't she cute?  She reminds me of Sunrise, my S boat, only a little deeper yellow and a dark red bottom.  She looks more like a sunset to me.


It's Time to Go Home

All day out at sea
with little to show,
we've had a long day
       it's time to go home.
The gulls overhead
entreat us to stay                      
"Stay here in the bay",
           it's time to go home.
The shadows are long
the day is now short;
"Day's over" we sigh,
            it's time to go home.
We head in before
a crimson sunset,
and gold on the hills,
             it's time to go home.
Bow pointed to sun
dark creeps up our stern,
hot supper awaits,
             it's time to go home.
And tomorrow, (drum roll) the letter Z for z end!  I cannot believe that I found it!  Well, I didn't find it.  A friend found it and sent me the url.  Thanks, Ree!


  1. Okay, -that- might be my favorite one so far.
    "It's time to go home."

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lynn. Sunset is such a nice time - to go home.

  3. I like this poem. I can't believe you have been able to find something for all the letters.


    1. Thanks, Betty. I had a tough time finding a few of them, but I finally made it!

  4. I think there are times in every boater's life when the questions, "Why? Why? Why?" come up.

    1. You are right. While their first question is "Why not?", subsequent questions are probably "Why? Why? Why?" as they write the checks or flash that credit card!

  5. Boats pump up my imagination every time. I love the look of this one.

    1. Pretty little thing has been tucked away for the winter! It's about time for her to be out on the water now.


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