F is for Fantaseas

Each day in April, except for Sundays, we are challenged to write on a topic that begins with the letter of the day.  Because it is also Poetry Month, I have chosen, for the second year in a row, to write a poem a day.  Sunday will have a poem related to the topic, but not assigned a letter.  Click on the AtoZ Challenge tab above and visit more bloggers participating in this alphabetically challenging month!

My topic is Maine Lobster Boat Names...with a Trawler or two thrown in for missing letters.  Photos are all taken by me, of boats on the coast here in Maine.  They are mostly on land, as this is where they are parked for the winter awaiting warmer days and lobsters to return from deeper waters.

F is for Fantaseas -


White spilling over 
Water's reflection
Bouncing and sparkling
Dreamer's perfection.

The dream of the sea;
A true fantasy:
Salt spray, and sea gulls,
And my boat and me.

Deep is the yearning
To smell the salt air
To feel the salt spray
Foul weather or fair.

Educational Facts:

Some Facts about lobsters at The Lobsterman's Page.


  1. Fantaseas is another great name. With a great poem to go with it.

    1. Thanks - I like that name too! She made a pretty picture out there on the water that day.

  2. Lovely poem/post! I could almost taste the sea, beautifully crafted!
    Just stopping by from A to Z

    1. Welcome, glad you dropped in! I'll swing by your place next!

  3. I bet you loved finding this boat, "Fantaseas"-great name & you wrote it so well, Donna! FYI-yes, my colleague is going to be the director of the Freeport LLBean camp-will be there around May with wife and new baby!

    1. Loved that name, too! (New baby! That's when we moved back "home", too.

  4. Fantaseas! What a fabulous name for a boat.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lynn! Loved your post today, too! It's near and dear to my heart!


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