Sunday is Just n Time

I did not get to use this boat, having found it after letter J was published.  I have more boats than I can shake an oar at.  I'll just add them later.  This is a pre-written post for Sunday.  Since mine were almost all pre-written, I decided I'd still do a poem on Sundays.  Why not?  I'm not writing them on Sunday, and I'm not even posting them; they're automatic.  So I am good to go.  I can write one for Sunday and just not be there.  So know that if you comment on these, that I will just be a day late in responding to you...(even though I may take a peek at dinner time).  Oh, and if you get a chance - and you are here anyway, because you are reading this now...PLEASE check out X on Saturday!  It was so hard to find an X, and I was so pleased to have found it.  And X (for Xtreme Measures) has such a neat story to go with her, that I would so like to have more than only two people to have read it - thanks Catherine and Sania for checking in, reading and commenting yesterday!
Have a glorious Sunday!
Just n Time

"Just N Time"

It's Sunday and it's come just in time -
Just in time for me to stop,
Be still,
Set aside these boats and poems,
Gather my Bible and Hymnal,
Take my space in a pew and pray,
Make time in my day, my week, my life
For thanks giving,
For praises,
For worship.
It's Sunday, and it's come just in time.
Another boat left off my poem list is Illusion.  I'll catch the illusion later and give it a real poem shortly.
I've given just the "illusion" that I am posting on Sunday...
It's really Saturday.  Heh, heh...


  1. LOL. I almost never post directly. They're almost all scheduled, even outside of April. But when I do post that day, I feel like it's "Just N Time."

    1. Yes, it is certainly easier to think ahead than post for the same day!

  2. Donna
    Thanks for popping by. Your X-letter is haunting and gives one the yearning to be home. I enjoyed your poetry on the Sat and Sun. Extreme Measure.... I wonder what kind of thought processing went into that name.
    I hope you are resting and enjoying your Sunday.

    1. Had a great Sunday. And I wondered about the name Xtreme Measures, too. Then it's later story about being lost at sea was a bit extreme!


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