Third Sunday in April - Sweet Day Off

I don't need to write for anyone but me today.  It is late - early Sunday.  I don't write today.
So.  I should have written something earlier to schedule and I didn't.
So. Here is Off Today.  Which is what I am.
This of course, is a photo from summer...not now!

Sweet Day Off

Sweet day of
Sounds of
Children bouncing
Off the bus
Singing happily
Off key
Crisp pages turning
Off rhythm
Joyful hymns echoing
Off the walls
The Word catapulting
Off the pulpit
Prayers lisping
Off lips; 
Sweet day off -

See you on the boat tomorrow!


  1. God had the right idea that this should be a day of rest.

  2. Nice Donna. We had a sweet day too, but now it's snowing again! Good moisture, I keep telling myself!


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