Friday, January 20, 2012

Soup in the Pot

Kid's View...or mine after passing out on the floor while I was sick.
Oh, my.  I have been so sick this week.  Stomach stuff.  Dizzy.  I still am retaining some of the dizzy and tired.  It seems so long since I've felt well.  I'm afraid I will be quite giddy when I finally feel like myself again.  Anyway,  I started this poem over a week ago while I was feeling good and thought I'd have plenty of time to finish it.  I was thinking about when I was a little kid, and remembering when Mom was cooking on the stovetop (maybe it's all the soup I've had lately), and I had to ask her what she was making because I couldn't see into the pan.  I couldn't even see the stovetop.  Funny that I remember that moment.  I wonder sometimes what makes a moment stick, and so many others get lost in a tangle of dendrites and bits of dandruff.
My goal for February is a poem a day, like I did in April.  Only this time it is going to be only poems that are kid oriented.  Robert Louis Stevensonish or Aileen Fisherish, maybe?... I like them both.

There's something in the cupboard,
There's something on the shelf,
There's something cooking on the stove,
Can't see it by myself.

I cannot reach the glasses,
Nor cookies way up high,
I cannot see what's cooking,
No matter how I try.

Someday it will be different,
I'll see soup in the pot,
I'll easily get my cup out,
For short, I will be not.

I'll be the one to get things
And into cupboards look,
I'll reach into the cookie jar,
And even help Mom cook!

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  1. So cute, Donna, for your grandson I bet. I'm sorry you've been ill-not fun at all. Take care, & eat some soup!


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