Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Summer in January

It was a great day for the beach yesterday at 51 degrees, and even today at 41 degrees.  The sun was out.  A few people were walking their dogs on the beach, and others were, like me, just meandering around.  But for the most part each of us had our own piece of the ocean to ourselves.  It was a glorious day.
A quiet place to sit

My treasures
I love, love, love the ocean.  It was tough the first few years we lived in Minnesota.  I learned to love it out there too, but it wasn't the same as being near the sea.  I need it.

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  1. So gorgeous! You make me jealous. We love the mountains, but I think it would be mighty fine to live by the ocean. I liked your video-you gave just a little piece of the sea for us to enjoy. Thanks Donna.


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