Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guided Feet

Where will we go -
On the ground, in the air?
Where Mom and Dad lead me
My feet will be there.

They move and they flex
And pump up and down
But so far this movement
Can't get me to town.

My feet can't yet take me
Wherever I choose;
I always must travel
In threes or by twos.

But someday I'm sure
They'll take me someplace;
They'll help me climb trees
And run a fast race.

Though I'll stub my toe
And stumble sometimes,
These feet will be tough
Wherever they climb.

When these feet are able
To go on their own
They still will be guided
To go where they're shown.

They may veer off course
Get on the wrong track;
But only a little then
These feet will come back.

So I will take care
And go where I should;
I'll use them to go where
They’ll do the most good.

Through trials and storms
Always guided by Light;
Never walking alone
Whatever my plight!

But first I must stand
Before I can walk,
And after I move
I’ll learn how to talk.

I’ll use these gifts wisely
Bestowed at my birth.
I'll walk in the Way
As I travel this earth.

1 comment:

  1. I can just see a small, sweet picture book with this poem in it, illustrated wisely by a grandmother. You manage to tell a good story time and again, Donna. I love the enjambment of several verse's lines, making the poem so interesting in the rhythm.


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