And Now It Must Be Friday...

My brain could be back on schedule.  I woke up knowing it was Friday and that I hadn't posted anything for Poetry Friday.

I've been reading lots of poetry for a while now.  You know, poetry is a funny thing.  I wrote "funny think" first and corrected it, but I think I am right.  It's a "funny think".  It isn't really a story, though it can be.  It's just a funny think; something that occurs to you - and mostly all in one sitting.  Oh, yes, you may edit and revise, but by and large the whole "think" comes in one sitting - in one huge think.
I am not a big fan of poems that make you think too hard on the receiving end though.  You know, where a tree frog is symbolic for how someone's life is going, but they don't say it, so I'm left wondering if they truly feel that way about frogs, or maybe I should be feeling that way, or maybe it's really a statement about pond life in general...  I guess I'm pretty superficial when it comes to art.
However I do like some word play and snippets of rhyme and a good rhythm.  And I like a good ending.  It doesn't have to be a happy ending.
Not all of these things are easy to accomplish in a poem, thus the final revisions and editings.  But the "funny think" came first.  And by "funny", I don't mean it has to BE just is an unusual, unique or "just struck you", interesting way of thinking about something.
This is one of my "funny thinks".  I wasn't sure I would ever write about it, but there he was again in my line of sight when I took the dog out this morning.  And the "funny think" happened.  This is not like the tree frog idea.  It really is just about a bird.

Sorry, Sparrow

I heard a thud on my window,
I knew it was a bird;
Now his body's in my rosebush,
I wish I hadn't heard.

One moment he was soaring free
So sad to see him dead
Windows showing him sky and tree -
Merely mirrored instead.

And now a poor little sparrow
Left in my rosebush thorns
Will not be flying home again.
Where is his mate that mourns?

I have a picture...but out of respect for his relatives, I will not be posting it.
Go read more "funny thinks" for Poetry Friday with Keri at Keri Recommends today!


  1. Poor bird -- we have lots of them flying into our windows. Luckily only a small percentage die because of it. Still, those big thuds are startling! Thanks for the funny think today :).

    1. I hate it, but every spring and fall these little birds just go crazy and fly into the windows. I may have rosebushes too close to the house and they just assume they can fly past them. Lots of times they are just stunned and will fly off after a good rest.

  2. Funny think poems-interesting concept. I like the coined term you created because in many cased what we think is indeed created in one sitting and revised in later ones. I did have a bird fly into my new bay window in my kitchen when it was first installed. There was such a thud that it started me. I am glad that you did not post the photo, Donna. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I just hate when they do that. I cringe at the sound of the thud! You have a good weekend, too. I'm going to get a poem off to you tomorrow. Hope it's not too late.

  3. Donna, poetry is definitely a "funny think!" I love this term and concept--have you thought about writing a collection of poetry with the title "Poetry is a Funny Think?" It is a great idea! = ) I liked your poem, too. You captured the moment of the "thud" and all of its implications in just a few lines. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You know, that did come to me when I mis-wrote "funny think"! I just may have to do that. I have a few funny thinks that come to mind.

  4. What a charming requiem to a little sparrow ... and once again, superb rhyming technique, Donna. Also, your piece on "funny think", left me nodding my head "yes" ,,, as you gathered together various vague ponderings I have had about the process of writing a poem and expressed them succinctly. Great post!

  5. I love the idea of "funny thinks" - perfect description of poems. I'm sorry for that poor sparrow, but his life/death was not in vain - it inspired your poem. =)

  6. A well-executed poem on a sad subject. I think birds are miraculous little music machines, but they can't fly through glass.

  7. Love your idea of poetry being a funny think...we don't always see it coming, but there it is. Sorry for the bird, wish he could have just been stunned. And now you've got me thinking - do sparrows mate for life?

  8. Yup. Funny think, indeed.

    Condolences to the sparrow's family.

  9. Like other commenters, I love the phrase, "funny think." I suspect I will think of that phrase every time I read a poem from now on. Thank you!

  10. You never fail to entertain, Donna, with the 'funny thinks' in poetry. This is a sad one, but as a lover of nature, I appreciate that you wrote "for", "of" this dear little sparrow. Lovely!

  11. Hi Donna, funny thinks is a great typo. We had a little bird thud into our window the other day, too. Fortunately, he recovered and flew away. Though it wasn't looking very optimistic there for a bit. Great rhyming! :-)


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