Handful of Seasons

Wednesday's Poetry Jam prompt was to write about hands.  This is my second poem...I tried one yesterday, but wasn't too happy with it.  It needs more work.  So I wrote this one this morning.

Handful of Seasons

Spring’s fingers are light
and nurturing
and creep
to make
things grow;

Summer’s thumb is green
and diligent
and keeps
the soil
with hoe;

Autumn’s palm is full
and inviting
and reaps
the fields

Winter’s hand is harsh
and shivering
and sleeps
in drifts
of snow.

©Donna JT Smith, 2014


  1. I liked the way you have used hands as a metaphor. Nicely penned... :)

  2. Love the description for hands of seasons...lovely poem x

  3. Donna,

    A fantastic way of seeing the four seasons...I enjoyed the voyage through your year very much..


  4. This is so clever and fun - it just can't help but bring a smile.

  5. Ah, I love your take on this....the way you wrote to each season! I am already tired of winter's 'harsh hand.' Sigh.

  6. I loved this! You captured each season beautifully. :)

  7. nice step through the seasons using hands...and parts of the hand...i like how you assigned a different part of the hand to each season as well...

  8. This is both very clever and very nice. I like your idea of gardening hands whose job evolves with the season.

  9. Love way you describe the seasons, hands of time and creation. Great images.

  10. I enjoyed this approach with the descriptions of the hands of the seasons. Good idea.

  11. Every season is so well described, loved it :)

  12. I enjoyed the various interpretations through the seasons ~ Spring is my favorite time ~

  13. Wonderful way that you have equated the attributes of the seasons with the different types of touch and hand characteristics, Donna. The end result is a beautiful and satisfying poem!


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