Friday, August 3, 2018

Poetry Friday

I read Mary Lee Hahn's post today (and she is hosting!) where she has written a Blitz Poem.  It was so intriguing, I had nothing ready for today, and I had some extra time (having gotten up a mere three hours after going to bed), so I decided to try one, too.  I've not spent much time finessing this, so I'm sure there are cleverer ones to be written than this.  But this was a good experiment in a Blitz Poem and I enjoyed my early hours this morning.

Dawn of Fun

At the end of my rope
At the crack of dawn

Dawn to dusk
Dawn of ages

Ages ago
Ages gracefully

Gracefully declined
Gracefully bowed

Bowed out
Bowed to the master

Master of all
Master mind

Mind your manners
Mind your own business

Business trip
Business of living

Living the life
Living the dream

Dream of a future
Dream home

Home of the brave
Home on the range

Range in age
Range of motion

Motion to adjourn
Motion to the side

Side by side
Side of beef

Beef it up
Beef about it

It is a miracle
It has no end

End in sight
End of the road

Road less traveled
Road to nowhere

Nowhere does it say
Nowhere to go

Go on
Go play

Play outside
Play in the rain

Rain cats and dogs
Rain barrel

Barrel of laughs
Barrel of fun

Fun and games
Fun in the sun


by Donna JT Smith, © 2018


  1. Well, you did it-50 lines of poetry. I can see that this poetic format is not an easy one, Donna. I liked how you opened your poem in the wee hours of the morning.

    1. It's a bit of a challenge to write these! I'd like to try another sometime, giving a bit more thought to its flow.

  2. Replies
    1. Phew! Totally appreciate the difficulty of these now!

  3. Awesome, Donna! I think you and Mary Lee are simply inspiring! Sorry about the early morn, but glad to read your blitz!

  4. What fun! You and Mary Lee have inspired me to try one out. They are such fun to read, but look quite tricky to write.


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