Thursday, August 9, 2018

Poetry Swap from Iphigene

To the writers who want to be:

Today I am also sharing a poem I received from Iphigene Daradar in the Philippines.  She stalked my blog (very effectively and efficiently, I might add!), and came up with a beautiful summary, beginning with a line I had written in one of my posts recently.


"Life is like
a rushing wind
around me."

I sit to make
lists in hope
to catch life's
gush into a string
of words
to check off.

I write #3
only to hear
a knock,
life at my door
asking me
to go see
beach roses
blooming by
my porch.

I bend down
breathe in
the scent
of pink and white
roses, to notice
the day was best
for a ride to
the coast

Shook it off
stamp my feet
to the house and
finish the list.
ten things to write -
to be done.

I write #5
breeze blew
my paper flew
I run to shut
the window
found a bird

I stop to listen
to its song,
an invitation
to dance -
on the grass
beneath the
softening sun

Oh! Life is like
a rush of wind
sweeping off
my list, telling me
to be at ease
let it be, and

©Iphigene Daradar, 2018

Thank you, Iphigene.  There is no more to say.  Just a sigh and a smile.

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  1. Donna, I really enjoyed your poem and feel that others in PD program will too. Iphigene's opening stanza and last one were so inspirational that I felt I was being swept away. Thanks for sharing both. Isn't it wonderful to be part of such a creative community of writers? I include you in that thought as well.

    1. So glad I found this community of writers. (Oh,working on that summer poem today!)

  2. Fun poem from Iphigene Donna, she weaved a lot of you into the poem. I liked these lines, they fit you so well, "an invitation
    to dance -
    on the grass
    beneath the
    softening sun"
    Thanks for your upbeat-writing poem too!

  3. A lovely poem pair, Donna. First yours with its reminder that we are all writers; and then Iphigene's lovely reminder to stop and smell the roses ' and let it be'. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Sally! Wish I could have those roses year round.

  4. What a wonderful post. The Writer Within You is really good. The beat of it in the rhyme is wonderful. I hope you send this out further into the world for publication. And Iphigene's poem is just keeps popping in while we try to write. I love how these two poems compliment each other so well. The writer is always there....even as life calls her to the beach. That's so you!

    1. Thanks, Linda. I got called to the beach again last night...
      I adore Iphigene's poem. She got the gist of my life, and wrote it beautifully.

  5. I always look forward to reading Iphigene's swap poems! I especially like the third and final stanzas. And, in your poem, my favorite is the fifth stanza.

    1. Iphigene's poem is so much like what I am dealing/battling with lately. The writer vs. the doer - and mostly the doer wins right now. Which is actually good, because then there is more material to glean from the brain! You can't be a writer if you don't go out and see for yourself.

  6. What a rich post! The combination of these two poems is fabulous! I love your poem with its upbeat, optimistic confidence and invitation and then the reminder in Iphigene's poem to "be at ease/let it be, and/live." I'm a chronic list maker and enjoyed visualizing life sweeping my lists to the side. I know that as the school year begins my struggles in balancing writing versus experiencing will exponentially increase. I'm going to miss my spontaneous field trips and leisurely writing sessions! Such treasures you've shared here. Thanks!

  7. What a gift to have someone "get the gist of" our life and then put it to poetry! You did the same for the writer's life in your call to courage to find the writer within!

  8. These swaps really are the greatest thing. :-)

  9. What two lovely poems--and a timely reminder to enjoy what blows our way each day.

  10. Hi Donna,

    Your poem about writers/writing is beautiful. It reminds me of my own experience in writing poems for this swap. It took several tries to write an appropriate poem, but that line i god from your blog post was just inspirational.

    I'm glad you're enjoyed the poem. It was a lovely experience getting to "know" you. :)

  11. What wonderful poems. I love that rushing wind and what Iphigene did with it.

  12. Thanks for sharing your call to the writer in each one of us, Donna - & thanks for sharing Iphigene's poem. (She's one writer I'm always richer for reading!) Happy Continued Creating!


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