My Children

Back 30 years ago, I drew these two portraits of my children from memory...not a copy of a photo.  I found them in our move.  Sometimes you just have to make some changes to find treasures you forgot you had.

Hannah, at age 5

Adam, at age 8
My grandchildren are these ages now.

Time,Treasures and Trains

When you thought you had it all
and you wanted time to stop
it didn't.
Thankfully it kept on going
to the next precious station.
Life, holding to
the track,
even when switching rails
treasures abounded
with more around
every corner
clutching your ticket
your journey
with twists, turns, jolts
and shifts
to reveal treasures
Remember to
look, listen
and live
in each time,
for each treasure
on each train.

by Donna JT Smith, 8/2/2019

It may not be my may be my fastest though!  I have to go get a van for moving more stuff this morning.  My train is barely slowing down today.
Hope I can get to read more posts tonight in a very empty house in Maine.
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  1. The next precious lovely. Gosh, I how I've wished to slow things down a bit. What treasures these portraits are. I've thought of you often in your move. I've asked God to consider every thought a prayer.

    1. That's so beautiful, Linda. And I agree about 'the next precious station'. I too have wanted to slow time down and let each stage last forever... but we'd miss out on so much if our kids didn't grow and change. Clever analogy. Be kind to you, in your transition.

    2. Arrggg. I've tried "reply"ing on my phone - as that is what I have had with me - but it will not accept a reply from me and disappears into cyberspace. So I'm on my computer today.
      Thanks, Linda, for the prayer-thoughts! All prayers are appreciated. There are lots of complications we've encountered in life/lives along this path lately. As of August 9th it may at least slow down a tiny bit. One thing will be off the table anyway. Attention will return to a couple others that have been simmering on the back burner...

  2. Revealing the treasures that mean the most is the top of the list, I think, Donna. Your drawings are awesome, a memory of the early days that will keep you on this new journey. Thinking of you in that empty house as you say your goodbyes.

    1. Emptier and emptier every day. It is getting difficult to live in a mostly empty house! Next we concentrate on our son's house, where he is replumbing and installing a new heating system! My husband and I will most likely trade places again after the 9th.

  3. "Treasures abounded" - such a powerful reminder in the midst of change. I hope you find many more treasures in the next precious station you are approaching. Savor those last moments in the empty house. I'll be thinking of you as you move. It is a fast moving train!

    1. So fast! Yet some of it has seemed so slow...or maybe more like we've been moving fast for so long! I look forward to evenings with my feet up in one of our two remaining chairs...and watching a bit of tv before curling up on the mattress on the floor...small treasures, but wonderful!

  4. "clutching your ticket"--
    no matter how long the journey, even if the portraits are never found again,
    their imprint is on that grubby ticket.

    How much do the grandchildren look like the children? ; )

    1. Oh, my! They are not very far off in looks. The age spacing is within days of my kids, even as far as dates born! So. I have trouble LOTS of times using the correct names! They get to that silly playing and giggling that you know is not going to end well JUST LIKE their mom and uncle. It’s amazing - like being taken back in time.

  5. What treasures you have found!

    1. I know we lost a bunch of treasures, in the cleaning, but as long as I don't know about them...

  6. What fun to find these two drawings for they're fruitful in their origin and the poem here. Good luck on this next journey Donna!

  7. Donna,
    These lines say it all" "clutching your ticket/your journey/with twists, turns, jolts/and shifts/continued/to reveal treasures." Journeys are tough and I know that yours has been full of extreme twists, turns, and shifts but the treasures have been there-family. I hope you received my package that should have arrived at your house in Pennsylvania. I thought you were there settled but it seems that you are still in Maine. Stay the course!


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