Thursday, August 1, 2019


We are in the midst of some life-changing events lately.  And when you make big changes, you need to keep connections.  I kept coming back to connections in the middle of change....
Connectedness keeps you grounded.  When spaces change, people change and conditions change, you need to rely on the good connections you have established to keep you grounded yet moving forward.  That is my life now.  
I thank an unchanging God for the change to my life He brought, and for giving me all the connections we have established to draw on in daily life and in misty memories.  And that is all I can say. 
I started this poem yesterday when I was contemplating our move and its many complications, and the connections to the past it is evoking and enabling as we go through the changes.  It's all just a part of a whole picture unfinished, a leg of a journey you are still walking, a chapter yet to be read, a dot-to-dot to be colored in.


Pieces and parts
Layered together
Haggard heart tugging
A silvery tether

Shimmery pearls slide 
    Memories glide
Between each gem
    Years cushioning them

Seeds of next time
Yet someday to bloom
Reside in the new
Dispelling of gloom

A placement in time
   A trace of divine
We stretch our toes
   Where our heart goes

Up then down
Side to side
A grand new maze
Where lives collide

Seeming the same
   Renewing the game
Hope swells content
   With all minutes spent

In brilliant puzzle
Corners are pieced
Outer edges aligned
The picture released 

Still filling the inner
   Choices grow thinner
Uncharted the smiles
   In upcoming miles
Sweet story the middle
Seen from the edges
With golden the morning
Green growing the hedges

All is quite well
   Wherein we now dwell
Always September
   Remaining remembered.

by Donna JT Smith 8/1/2019

It was good to be able to write again.  It's been sporadic lately.  This morning I am sitting on our chairs in the kitchen or living room now.  I should have written here before...maybe with a pillow though.  This poem is giving me food for thought...I feel another poem in there somewhere.  Maybe after breakfast?


  1. a grand new maze where lives collide... I appreciate this reminder to nurture connections in the midst of change... I do think there's another poem - or 4 - in there! Hang in there. xo

    1. When I get another few moments all to once, maybe I can pursue another bit of writing!

  2. "A placement in time
    A trace of divine
    We stretch our toes
    Where our heart goes"
    Such beautiful writing. Hugs as you embrace and move into your latest changes.

  3. I love what you do in a poem with your word choices swirling around change, "glide, gem, time, divine..." All my best in this continued journey from one place to another. Have you checked your mailbox lately?

  4. Beautiful poem. And great point- feeling grounded does help us get through the changes in life.

  5. I love the way you've talked about change and connectedness. It certainly helps deal with change when we have strong connections.


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