Friday, August 30, 2019

My Poem Swappers

I so want to apologize to my Poetry Swap buddies.  I should have just taken this year off.  Every post from May 1 on has been a journey outside of the daily stuff.  And most times I just can't get past the daily stuff.  Even this moment I am eyeing the clock...gotta be somewhere in a few minutes so I don't want to get so involved that I get lost in time.
After the purchase of the home in PA, we had to return in spring to prepare the home in ME for sale.  Now that is sold, I am back in PA and my husband is in ME helping renovate my son's home.
A variety of extraneous issues that I don't want to go into have drawn attention from one thing to another in rapid succession.  I can't discuss all of it, but just know, it has been mind-boggling and randomly concerning.  If it isn't one thing, it's another.  However, there have been enough good things to keep smiling in between...just not enough TIME smiling to relax.  I'm always waiting for the next shoe to drop lately.

That all being said, I want to assemble all the Poetry Swap items that I received over the summer and share them.  I couldn't do it for this week, but next Friday I will.  If you sent me a poem, would you email me for confirmation that I received it.  It has been so hectic with getting mail in one place, and being split for weeks at a time this summer between ME and PA, and moving stuff that got put on top of or stuck inside of things by me or someone else if I wasn't around.  So disorganized at times.  Slowly we are getting things straight, but I could easily miss something.  I already know I've misplaced one exchange from Tabatha.  I took a picture of the envelope...remember reading it...and can't for the life of me find it now.  I've been back and forth to Maine a couple of times, or three, since I got it.  And often my husband has been here instead of me for that time, so who knows where he put it!  Our apartment is still in disarray and I seem to be constantly misplacing things because there is either no place for it yet, or it is hiding behind things that have no place to be yet!

This is just too much of a ranting explanation of the whirlwind that has become my life.  So I apologize for that, too!  Lol!

Gotta go.  I have to watch a grandchild for a bit.  I wonder if I can write a poem while I am there.  Maybe I'll "find" one in the above. 

Let's see.  1, 2, 3, GO!

Poetry of Life

Will it rhyme or be discordant?
Weep, or laugh, or be informant?
Is there some time to tell a tale,
Or will it be too soon, too stale?
While others gifted summer songs
I have sorted write from wrongs.
Random whirlwinds shuffled life
Ties were cut with dullish knife
But as all gales are settled down
I'll watch and wonder for the sound
Of rhyming whispers in my ear
(I'm hoping by the close of year)
Yet if fresh words are not relayed
Life's poetry's just been delayed;
To me, there is no better thing
Than making pen and paper sing.
I hope to soon resume the game
that calls for me to sign my name.
And not just on house buying stuff
Of that I've had my fill - enough!
Back to the whimsy of a write
That overtakes without a fight.

by Donna JT Smith

Okay.  I had a few interruptions mid every step today, but I persevered!  Just a little fight grasping words to slap on paper...or screen, that is.

Enjoy more poetry from me sporadically.  I will try to get around to YOU.  That may be easier than ME getting to writing.

Today's Poetry Friday host is Kathryn Apel, with two great books reviewed and a very nice bit of news!


  1. My life has been a whirlwind recently, too! Just keep swimming!

    1. That's my favorite line of Dory's - "Just keep swimming!"
      I repeat it frequently!

  2. Oh, Donna, you are the queen of beautiful stories in rhyme. Good luck in "discovering" all that you're missing. I do that sometimes & have not even moved! I'm glad you posted!

    1. I panic every time I set something down now! I'm trying to be purposeful, but often I just absentmindedly set something in the wrong place and it can be IMPOSSIBLE to see it in this hodgepodge of stuff!

  3. Hang in there, Donna! What's being experienced is good writing material!


    1. I'm pretty sure you are right about the material!

  4. They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person. I can only imagine how much you have achieved in recent months! Heaps, by the sound of it!!

    1. Oh, the things we have done this year...I need to make a list just to impress upon myself why I may look older than I thought I would at this time. lol!

  5. After reading your post, I'm ready to head back to bed! My, you have had your hands full! I'm so impressed that you created such a lovely poem out of the whirlwind. I'm wishing you time to hear the whispers and to "make pen and paper sing."

    1. Thanks! I'm going to be visiting your site often to keep my mind centered and relaxed on my Maine. I'm sure I'll hear some whispers soon!

  6. Sorry it's been a challenging summer! I hope fall will calm your life a little.

  7. Hi, Donna. You know (because we chatted a bit on FB) I am in a similar boat! Preparing to move has chased away my writing time this summer. I'm glad to hear you're turning the corner. I am still at this stage: "While others gifted summer songs/I have sorted write from wrongs." Best wishes for a happy new home.

    1. Best thing EVER is being able to put a water treatment system in this new home after the sale of our home! The city water here is so bad, I used bottled water to brush teeth and even as a last rinse for washing hair. Dog and cat even have bottled water! But no more...sweet, sweet water!
      Even the best of moves is difficult, but I hope yours goes well and smooth as butter!

  8. Oh my, I don't wonder that you are feeling disorganized. Your life has been topsy turvey. We just moved (but only a couple of hours away, not several states), and I'm still trying to sort out everything. I hope things calm down long enough for you to savor some smiles and deep breaths. And you found a poem amidst the rush. Kudos!

    1. It would have been easier moving if we'd done it in a different order, but we did what we had to do at the time. So I think it will get easier from here on in.

  9. Donna, your poem is a such a great summary of your whirlwind life lately. I know that you have been in between states and unbalanced but your poetry skills have remained sharp. I admire how you let your story flow in such a beautiful rhythmic way. Best of luck to you. After we last wrote back and forth, the mail I sent you in PA came back to me. It had the wrong zip. I checked what was sent to me and I did send it to what I had but it was wrong. I hope you got the mailer finally.
    Stay strong, Donna. Maybe, I will see you at Spiritual Journey 1st Thursday.

    1. I did get it! I was afraid when it wasn't here when I got here since you'd mentioned mailing it. But it arrived just a bit later all stamped with corrections on the address. I believe I was the one to mess up the zip'd think I'd know it by now! But I still have to think long and hard about the 8 and 9 in it!
      Loved the multi-faceted swap! It is gorgeous. I'll share on Friday!
      I'm going to attempt a Thursday post! We'll see.

  10. Donna,
    I'm amazed that you found time to comment on my post when your life is topsy-turvy! I love so many phrases in your poem - "rhyming whispers", "making pen and paper sing", and "whimsy of a write", to name a few. The poem captures a state of mind perfectly. It sounds like maybe a corner is being turned. I do hope life will feel more normal very soon. I think I recall a photo of a lovely surprise angel in the yard of your new home. I hope you begin to feel the peace and comfort we sometimes associate with angels.


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