Good Day

Happy Tire

My "low pressure indicator" last week, said that one of my tires was low.  They looked fine, so I ignored it.  Then, a few days later the front driver's side tire looked like it was low when I was out shopping.  I called my husband, as I usually do for car issues, and he came out with a compressor and filled my tire more.  It was low by a few pounds.
All was good for a few days.  Then the light came on again while I was out and about.  I looked at the tire, and it did look low again.  My husband was out of town now though, so no calling him for assistance.  However, I was pretty close to a shop that did our oil changes and tire work, so I opted to drive the short distance to see if they had time to check my tire.  They are amazing.  They took me right in and got me on the road again in no time.  I think I was there all of 15 minutes.
And while I was there, I wrote because that is what I do when I wait and I have my iPad with me (or a receipt, or a napkin, or a plain, light colored skirt).

Good Day

"It's been a long day"
He sighs and takes my keys.
"Yeah, but at least
It's been cool,"
I try to stay at ease.
I want it to be
A good day,
Not just long.
The car rises high
on the lift -
Pneumatic's song
Of whine and wail;
Piercing, drilling
Into my brain -
I hear my wheel
Bounce off the concrete.
In the orange room
I wait to hear the verdict:
Long day
Or good day?
"You had a nail.
That'll be $19.96."
"That's not too bad," I offer,
as I rise from the chair.
"Nope. Cheap fix;
Better than new tires."
"Thanks, have a good day!"
I toss to him,
As he tosses my key;
Off I sail,
Time and money
to spare,
Both under twenty,
Is a great day,

Now I think I hear the sounds of other poets out there milling about....go check out Poetry Friday offerings being hosted at A Year of Reading with Mary Lee.


  1. I hope the tire didn't go flat again after you brought it to the shop!

  2. $19.96 IS a good day, for sure. :) It makes me happy to know you're writing poetry while waiting at the car mechanics, Donna. Much better than watching the blaring television.

    1. Little bits of time make for fun little bits of poetry!

  3. Replies
    1. I do like to stay on the happier side if I can!

  4. That sounds like a Kay Ryan poem -- big truths out of a small moment.

    1. I had to go look her up. I'm flattered. Thanks for the compliment AND introducing me to a new poet whose work I like!

  5. You made me laugh with that bit about writing on a plain, light colored skirt. I *hate* any kind of car trouble, and I'm glad yours wasn't too serious! It lasted just long enough for you to write a new poem!

    1. That's the neat thing about writing - it's an any time, any where activity!


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