For Me, For You

For me, for you:

The Gift

There is no more blessed day than this -
 That day
   We were given
      the Prince of Peace,
      the Great I Am,
      the King of Kings,
      the Lord of All,
lowly born
   in a stable
   in a manger -
      - le divin enfant -
   in the manger
   in the stable;
lowly born
      the Comforter,
      the Counsellor,
      the Way,
   We were given
 that day;
There is no more blessed gift than His.


Here is Haiku #25 for #HaikuforHealing, right on time:
The Gift

May joy, peace and hope
Come to you this Christmas day
and reside always.
Hope your Christmas brings you a joy and a comfort, and a peace that passes all understanding.


  1. Replies
    1. I noticed that the video of Il Est Ne le Divin Enfant was missing - so I just put it back in! Hope you get to hear it! Merry Christmas!


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