Saturday, December 10, 2016

Haiku Two That Should Be Ten

 Haiku #2 (and #3 at the end - I'll write two a day for a bit to catch up!)

Stone Cold

Cozy Saturday
Drifts away like frozen breath
Of a dead boiler.

And you can guess how we spent Saturday morning.  It was 16 degrees last night and sometime in the night the boiler stopped circulating the nice warm water as we slept. 

I hate that slow awareness that comes to you as you waken and realize that something is amiss.  Your nose is colder than it should be.  Your legs and feet are starting to feel the cold seeping in between the threads.  The spaces between threads shouldn't be that large - you have good thread count.  Why does it feel like there's a draft?  Okay.  Something is wrong.  Do I want to know that we have no roof?  Do I want to know that the front door is wide open?  Do I want to know that the boiler isn't working and it is a Saturday so it is an emergency call?  Do I want to know it is not enough degrees outside?  Do I want to know it is not enough degrees inside?  And then that is enough self-questioning to be fully awake and need to know some answers.  The day has started whether I want it to or not.

I called the Heater Guy and made coffee.  Then I put on a throw, some warm socks and a cat; turned on the TV; and settled in to wait for the world to be fixed.

Three Hundred Dollars

A pretty penny?
Noses, toes, fingers rejoice -
Nay! A mere pittance!

It is fixed now.  Bring on another day!  I can take it!  We are putting a bow on the boiler and we will go to the basement on Christmas morning to look at our early gift.  I am so glad this wasn't Christmas eve.

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