Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday, Monday

Sunday's are busy.  So I didn't get to write a haiku.  I'm going to sit and think about Sunday for a minute and see if there was something that struck me that would be good to write. (Pause...
            keyboard sounds...)

A Sunday Christmas?
"Oh, come let us adore him"?
Or will we stay home?

There.  That was a thought from Sunday.  December 25 is a Sunday this year.  How to celebrate Christmas AND the birth of Christ AND attend church.... hmm...

It is such a dilemma when Jesus gets in the way of celebrating His birthday.

Seems really like this would be a most special way to celebrate and remember why this holy day exists.  Just a thought.

Haiku #4

"Splurch, crunkle, skinch, plick!"
Frozen snow icily talks
To boots overhead.

I don't know if you have ever listened to footsteps on a frozen snow, especially frozen slush.  You cannot walk quietly in chunky snow.  It protests SO much!


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