Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2

This morning was our official Christmas.  The family was here.  My grandson awoke first and started the day with a HUGE bowl of oatmeal...Bob's Red Mill... with cinnamon, maple syrup and blueberries.  Yum. 

It's not on my list of ok foods, so I then whipped up a couple of crustless quiches for the adults... hamburger, bacon, sausage, onion and spinach sauteed together... eggs, some heavy cream, plain yogurt and grated cheese mixed together.  Meat and egg concoctions stirred together.  Two buttered pie plates to pour it into.  An oven preheated to 375.  About 45 minutes of time to wait.  Then - oh, yum.

After breakfast, presents.  I wrap the presents in a different paper for each person - no name tags, so it was fun to watch the kids pick up presents and hand them off to someone else.  Often they sat right there in front of the person to see what was in the package, ignoring the fact that they could easily have gone and gotten another present that they could open for themselves.  The opening time was extended, relaxed, and fun.  We put the Amazon crackling fire on the tv for ambiance.

Later, we worked on a puzzle, and started a gingerbread house - which my 2 year old granddaughter calls a crackerhouse.  Candies go on tonight - pictures tomorrow.

Haiku 27 - I worked on this a bit, but never really felt like I got to the heart of it.  So I wrote it out thinking that would help.  It didn't.  So I'll just put the "long version" explanation part here and put the haiku at the end.  Maybe sometime I will be able to put it together just right.

Gifts have a season - sometimes you are the recipient of gifts and at other times of your life you are the giver of gifts. In either case you are blessed.  You are blessed in giving to others and blessed both by the gift bestowed upon you and the ability to allow another person to be a blessing to you.
When you receive blessings or gifts from others, you should always be looking for the time coming when you will be a blessing to someone else with what you can give.

To Give

Gifts have a season -
Bestowing or receiving;
Each state a blessing.

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