Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I'm behind again in haikuing.  I just get so busy, and start a haiku and then begin playing around with it until it is time to do more stuff and I'm not done with what I WAS doing.

So let me search through my scraps here and see if I have a half haiku or two into which life may be breathed...

Didn't find one.  So I'm looking at this picture I took of three penguins I made to give to my Sunday School kids next Sunday.

They won't read this, so I'm safe.

Two weeks ago I brought a beautiful box and set it on the table for them to see.  Then we talked about waiting.  And I told them they would have to wait to see what was in the beautiful Christmas box until the end of class.
When we opened it it had three small packages of Fimo clay - yellow, white and black.  It didn't look very special.

I told them they would have to wait more and find out how this plain, ordinary looking stuff would be special.  It was the story of waiting for Jesus, and how he came as an ordinary baby, not the great king that people envisioned.

The children were to have gotten their penguins last Sunday, but because of the snow and ice storm, many were absent and Sunday School plans changed.  This Sunday is Christmas, but we are expecting that everyone will be in their places... weather permitting... and they will receive their penguins then after a recap of the Christmas story.

I am praying that they don't come away with the lesson that there were penguins in Bethlehem... you never know with 4-6 year olds.
Penguins at Christmas

No penguins arrived
Bethlehem was much too far
To follow that star

Handle with Care

Comforter swaddled,
 Safe from harm; Comforting arms
Return the favor


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  1. Lovely Christmas haiku! And lucky children to have an innovative teacher.


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