Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday's Snow

We had a snow... slippery stuff as it was dusty snow over ice.  That is never a good thing, but top that with no snow plows...
There were cars all over the place that couldn't get up hills or around corners.  For some reason the street crews were not to be seen.  I'm wondering if they heard the weather for the next day, Sunday, which is calling for rain and 50 degrees.  Last night it was 3 degrees below zero, so I think they were waiting for the freeze to be over and hopefully save money with snow melting.
At any rate - here are my two haiku for today.  I'm caught up.  These are # 16  and #17!

Haiku 16 and 17

Winter Walk 1

Snow lightly settles
On stillness of morning paths
White frames her footprints

Winter Walk 2

Slip - gripping, tripping -
Break stride, glide, side slide, collide
Your seat greets the street.

BTW I did not fall today.  I did, however, fall the day before... in the woods... I was fine - don't worry!  Just tripped over a fallen branch while walking backwards dragging Christmas lights to a little tree.  Never did get to light it.  Extension cord was too short.

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