No Poem?

No Time for a Poem

Porridge for breakfast,
Spaghetti-Os for lunch,
Hot dogs and broccoli
For dinner to munch;

Throwing the frisbee,
Endless sweet talk,
Seeing a deer
On a long walk;

Puzzles and cars,
Winnie the Pooh,
Books and paint brushes,
Laughter and glue!

Sorry, I'm busy -
I can't write a poem
For I have my grandkids
Right here in my hoem.

Forgive me for slacking -
Not writing a lot -
There are songs to be sung
and hugs to be caught!


But I do want to mention - a Woo-hoo!
Nancy Drew Anthology is now available on Amazon in paperback.  My poem, "The Missing Mother's Message" is right in there with other poems from other poets.


  1. Fun poem that practically wrote itself -- love that there's Pooh and porridge and puzzles and paint brushes. :)

  2. Nice cover on the Nancy Drew anthology!
    Sounds like your grandkids (and you) are having a lot of fun :-)

  3. What a sweet poem celebrating the joy of the every day! :)

  4. I know the feeling, but then we just can't help ourselves! There's always time for a poem!

  5. Congratulations on your poem in the anthology! As for your poem-writing, I'm sure you could and do write poems on any subject, as you've proved today by writing about not writing!

  6. I love "hugs to be caught", & your poem deserves to be somewhere where people can read it and remember what's important!

  7. Poem/Hoem -- HA! Classic Donna Smith rhyme!! Have fun with the grands, and congrats on the pub!

  8. Ditto to Linda's and Mary Lee's comments! They saved me the bother of retyping. :)

  9. boom! And that's how you write a poem, kids!

  10. Congrats on the anthology. I love your No Time for a Poem. There are days I feel exactly like that.


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