Is It Ever Late?

Happy Poetry Friday!  Today's fun is hosted by Heidi Mordhorst at My Juicy Little Universe.

Now, contrary to the poem below... there is a time-limit here.
Yes, there is such a thing as "late".  So, HURRY!  There are a couple of days left.  Four days before September 1!

I will be assembling materials to create a cool refrigerator magnet for someone!  Maybe it will be you. Get me your offering of a picture and a writing (preferably a poem, but prose is fine) about your refrigerator by end of day August 30 or point to it in the comments!

Next Friday, I will announce the winner and reveal the stone/tile magnet prize featuring your picture, poem or both picture and poem.  Or one I’ve just made up, just for you.  You can tell me which you’d like if your name is the one drawn from my motorcycle helmet.  It's the Great Refrigerator Race... of sorts.


Look at the date
Me thinks the fate
Of leaves can wait
I’ve not yet cleaned my plate
Or slate -
Human condition -
Running late -
Is it innate -
A human trait?
Of all the creatures
We have clocks
Yet we’re the ones
With hurried walks
The others know
The time of day
And simply move
Within the sway
Of trees and breeze
And waves in bay
In harmony with
Making hay
With no confusion
No delay
They go about
Their day to day
Yet still they've found
Some time to play
And I am left with
Lots to do
And little time
To see it through
Perhaps I need
An un-timed event
And see how all
Time-freed is spent -
How slow the hours
and minutes went
When I've pursue a
Timeless bent

Just jotted this... punctuation is not done... maybe more to come or some to delete...
I've been busy lately so haven't been writing much.  Visited grandkids and have been riding some.  Been restless and less sitting as I lose weight.  Down 49.5 pounds as of yesterday... holding steady today.  I am over halfway to where I want to be... though I don't know where I want to be as I am pretty happy already where I am... a lap to sit on for grandchildren... able to walk a long distance... able to hoist a leg over a motorcycle and ride... finding chords on my mandolin that has waited for me in the corner of the bedroom... restless is where I am.  I have a feeling there is something I'm supposed to do soon, but it hasn't presented itself in full yet.  I'm getting glimpses and inklings, but it's too foggy and dim yet.  Meanwhile, I will put in another load of laundry, help some homeschoolers learn to read, try to focus on my houses - cleaning and selling this home and moving to Gull Haven soon (was supposed to be this summer, but looks like maybe this winter).


  1. Busy is a way of life. I can relate to feeling restless. I'm glad you are sorting out your health. The words will come when the thinking's done.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement - "words will come when the thinking's done". So reassuring to me to keep reminding myself! With the return of amazing eyesight after cataract surgery in both eyes and a noticeable weight loss, I have begun to rethink myself, resulting in an upheaval in my writing and the way I conduct my day to day life. It's all been good, exciting and...curious.

  2. Oh, Donna, I'd forgotten about this. I will see if I can write something in the next few days. Congrats again on the weight loss-you rock indeed! The poem is fun!

    1. Hope to see your refrigerator, Linda! But I can totally relate if you can't fit it in! Hey, 50 today! So excited. Might have to go buy myself a new something or other!

  3. Sometimes life is "just jotted" without punctuation because that would confine it or define it... especially when "restless is where [you are]" and "it's too foggy and dim." Your rambling thoughts resonate with me. Congrats on 49.5 and holding!!

    1. Wooo-hooo! Hit the 50 pound mark this morning! I'm ready for punctuation today!

  4. WOW! Congrats on the 49.5!!

    I still haven't written an Unsung Hero, so I might be with you only in spirit on this one!

    1. You know, sometimes you just have enough to do already without making more work(?) for yourself! It's hard to say "no" but necessary!!!
      Hey! 50 pounds gone as of this morning! Yippee! Just got back from a nice "out to breakfast" motorcycle ride - what a gorgeous day!

  5. Love your jottings, Donna. Impressive. It doesn't sound like you're late to lose weight - but I'm glad you're happy where you are. I will have a think about your refrigerator challenge and see what I can do... just for fun. But not for a prize, which would be much too expensive to post over the oceans.


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