Thursday, August 4, 2016

Unattended Refrigerator Artwork

Don't forget, August is Refrigeration Contemplation month.  Or Refrigerator Ruminator Month.  Or Refrigerator Investigator Month.  Or Just Chillin' Month.  I just don't know.  BUT I do know that you can participate and contribute by clicking on the REFRIGERATOR link just below the blog title.  It's Refrigeration Decoration month!  Yeah.  Maybe that's it.

For the explanation post about REFRIGERATORs, go here. Post your link  to your REFRIGERATOR image and writing right there! Make sure you use the actual unique URL, not just your home page, or the link will go to your most recent posting instead of the one specific page you want!

Check back often and see what others have said about their REFRIGERATORs!  Lots of cool fun for August!  Let me know if there are any problems with this page.  At the end of August, I will be doing a random drawing using each authentic unique link on this page (so more links more chances to win). The winner will receive a marble tile refrigerator magnet featuring their poem or picture (or both if possible) to put on their refrigerator (refrigerator not included).
I'm just posting random stuff about refrigerators this month, so it should be exciting reading!


Ever wonder what the stuff on your refrigerator does when you aren't around?

Me neither.

But evidently someone does.

Smiley from Millan.Net

Maybe we should, too.

Kitchen Nights

What happens when
we leave the room
and no one's there to see?
Do pictures come
alive and dance
and have an art party?

The light inside
the fridgedare,
is it still glowing now?
We've shut the door
so we can't see
who's eating all our chow;

The dishwasher's
loud hum and spray,
in obvious delight,
Could mean that all
our dinnerware
is in a water fight.

The oven door
is closed and dark
Does it join in the fun?
Some little cakes,
perhaps some bread
Will rise before the sun?

The broom and mop
sweep up and swish,
so we will never know
The messes made
in kitchen fun
and frolic in moon's glow!

by Donna JT Smith, 2016

See you tomorrow for Poetry Friday!


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