Today is...

Today is...

Today is
lighter than
high clouds
split wide with
seams popping
show blue;
curl up into
my helmet,
dazzling me with
smells of fields mowed,
leaves burned,
roses blooming,
the tide turning;
the sun's warm hand
on my shoulder
makes me smile;
and for the very first time
I am thinking of
more than

  clutch -
    shift -
      break -

by Donna JT Smith, 8/27/16

by Donna JT Smith, 8/27/16


  1. The tide has turned! Congrats, Donna! Love that sun's warm hand on your shoulder.

    1. Mmm. Went on a solo... no hubby nor son accompanying me... on a 40 mile/smile ride yesterday.

  2. And the motorcycle diva is on her way! Congratulations.

    1. It's something I never imagined doing...
      Thanks for the mystery package! I'm glad I got it just before leaving for PA or I would have been tortured by it on the kitchen counter just staring at me. I'm going to feature the contents this Friday if you are okay with that!


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