Tabatha's Refrigerator and a Poem

As you may or may not know, it is Refrigerator Month here, and I'm featuring refrigerator stuff all August long!  If you have a refrigerator "thing" you want to share - a picture, poem, prose - Link at the linky at the "Refrigerator" tab above, or send me an email.  I will put it right here, as I am doing with Tabatha's today!  And I will put all the names in a motorcycle helmet and draw one out for a grand prize of a stone tile refrigerator magnet, featuring something you sent in... or your choice of picture/verse... So far, Tabatha wins... I will check my email again, but I don't think there is another entry and we are half-way through the month!

Emailed refrigerator offering from Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference :

"Another Shot from my Fridge"

"I guess the subject line says it all. We got Walt Whitman finger puppet magnet recently -- I think of him as "Uncle Walt."
Joy's postcard is one that you read rightside up and upside down (it's an elephant upside down). Clever!"

It's Poetry Friday hosted by Julianne at To Read To Write To Be.  Go visit to find more poetry gems by poetry miners!

And now, a refrigerator offering from me:

Ode to the Odorous

Receiver, giver, preserver,
Made of plastic and metal,
Cool to summer's touch,
With pudding to settle
And good stuffs for kettle;
A heart of cold.
What's found beyond her
Closed thick door?
A place to wander,
Sweet calls to ponder
The icy depths where
Sustaining hopes lie
In bits to boil or
bake or fry,
Crispy or dry
For palate shy
or cuisine bold;
But toss the stuff
begun to mold
and gross to hold.
She cannot keep
Forever more
Behind her door
Cleaning is a dreadful chore. 
It must be done -
This is my plea
With sponge in hand
Why always me?
Do none else see?
No one steps up?
No volunteer?
I need your help,
Please come near;
Help me don
My hazmat gear!

Donna JT Smith, 2016

Today's fashion-forward gear.

Your grandma's gear...


  1. I need a Walt Whitman finger puppet! Love your poem, Donna - especially the way you ended are right, this is one chore that just never seems to get easier.

  2. I love "heart of cold" and "She cannot keep
    Forever more
    Behind her door"
    and that title!
    It looks like grandma's hazmat helmet is a pot!

  3. "Heart of cold" was one of my favorite lines and I also wonder "Why always me?" Love the hazmat suit and your focus on all things refrigerator.

  4. Hi, Donna! Haven't been by in a while and I really like the new blog design! As I mentioned at Tabatha's, our newish refrigerator IS NOT MAGNETIC. I thought it wouldn't matter but goodness was I wrong! Awesome poem. I like thinking of fridge wondering where all her contents are going.

  5. I also have a non-magnetic fridge. It's a solar one, since I live in a place of limited electricity. But I do miss being able to hang things on it!

  6. Love your poem, Donna, and thanks for the retrospective of hazmat fashion gear– bonus! Actually, your poem reminds me a lot of a refrigerator found poem I wrote back in 2013.

  7. The Ode tot he fridge is wonderful. The hazmat gear made me laugh! I recently discovered my fridge is non-magnetic! Who would think when shopping for a fridge that I'd need to take a magnet. Live and learn!

  8. You must have met my teenagers. Oh the things they wrap up for later....which is a euphanism for "mom, clean this out when it's unrecogizable by site or smell!" Funny like a dart to the heart poem. I have an itch to go clean the fridge!;


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