Write On...Write Off!

A Zen move... or a Hai-ku move... or what was that movie?
Write on, write off... wipe on, wipe off...
Of course!  Karate Kid!  Ha!  I love when things just come together, like I planned it and I didn't.  My daughter sent this picture after I'd written the beginning of this post.

Guess who just started karate.  Yup, grandson.  First day.  Almost 5.
 At any rate, one day my daughter showed me how her kids could write on the refrigerator... drawings, letters, whatever!  And by using dry erase or water-based markers, she could simply wipe off what they'd written.  Ta-da!  I mean, Fa-da!

Of course, instruction in how you use markers is necessary... like which surfaces are okay and which aren't!  And don't have any permanent markers lying about - that's a good tip ALL the time.

She has tried regular waterbased markers, but you may need to use rubbing alcohol to get off any marker that has been on the surface a while.  It may leave some residue as a shadow.

Funny story about residue, which surfaces are okay and which aren't and not having permanent markers accessible... 
I learned, or rather our whole family learned those lessons when our daughter was about her own daughter's age with an almost 5 year old brother.  Her brother was "turning her into a clown" when I found them both all quiet and nicely playing upstairs with the washable markers. Washable does not always mean cleanable. I could not use alcohol to remove the marker (as the pharmacist suggested), as the coloring was all around her eyes and down her arms.  She had to look bruised in the face for about a week before it all wore off... teacher's kids!  

So always be aware of where the markers are - and where your children are, for that matter - especially when they are playing nicely.

Anyway, the same holds true with regular dry erase markers.  The best ones are the washable dry erase for clean up ease.  I'm wondering if there's any pre-spray out there that would keep the surface less likely to retain any color, like using spray starch to "prime" the surface.  Just a thought.

A HUGE dry erase board has been right there in your kitchens all this time.  Why haven't we just been writing notes, stories, poems, lists, telephone numbers, etc. write on them all this time?  They are the perfect height for everyone.  And if you place it right, you can have up to three sides (no one wants to write on the top).

Here we can see one of the artists at work:
There is no right place to start, nor wrong place, for that matter.

Checking out other artist's work is always helpful.

Has anyone else used their refrigerator as a dry erase board?  Any tips?

Don't forget, August is Refrigerator Derby month.  Or Refrigerator Alley Month.  Or Refrigerator Regurgitator Month.  Or Poetry on Ice (box) Month.  What am I calling this?  I don't know, maybe I'll know tomorrow.  BUT I do know that you can participate and contribute by clicking on the REFRIGERATOR link just below the blog title.

For the explanation post about REFRIGERATORs, go here. Post your link  to your REFRIGERATOR image and writing right there! Make sure you use the actual unique URL, not just your home page, or the link will go to your most recent posting instead of the one specific page you want!

Check back often and see what others have said about their REFRIGERATORs!  Lots of cool fun for August!  Let me know if there are any problems with this page.  At the end of August, I will be doing a random drawing using each authentic unique link on this page (so more links more chances to win). The winner will receive a marble tile refrigerator magnet featuring their poem or picture (or both if possible) to put on their refrigerator (refrigerator not included).


  1. What a crazy idea! We have a stainless steel fridge, so that wouldn't work. We talked about having a playroom where the kids could draw on the walls all they wanted, but then we realized it would be hard to create boundaries on where they could and couldn't draw. Goodbye idea. Though I still like it.

    1. Have you seen the chalkboard/magnetic paint? I retired before getting to use it in my classroom, but a black wall with chalk would be nice to have and easier to make clear the distinction between wall types.
      I remember when we were allowed to draw on the walls of our old house when they had been stripped of wallpaper and before putting the new wallpaper on. That was fun. I wonder what the new owners thought of that sailing ship revealed when they changed wallpaper...

  2. Loved your story about your son turning your daughter into a clown with markers. My son and daughter were exactly the same age when my son cut my daughter's hair off with a pair of children's paper scissors. When I came upon them - also playing very quietly - my son said to me: I tried to make Brinny bootiful, but it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Eeech!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your motor cycle adventures sound exciting. Though: when one of my younger sons sold his motorcycle, of many years, earlier this summer, I have to admit, I did breathe a sigh of relief. Smiles!


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