Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tickled pink Phlox last week.
Well, yesterday they dug up around the house in Friendship to put in the new drainage, hook up the septic, take out the bulkhead and kill some flowers.
We lost our lilac bush in the process.  We were going to try to save it, but it seemed too difficult.  We may try sticking it back in the ground, but for now I'm going to try not to mourn the loss of it.  It wasn't very large anyway.
The forsythia got to be spared.  As the lawn was ripped up beside it, the poor, little, defenseless forsythia was probably shaking in it's roots...probably soiled itself...... but how would you know?
Forsythia is to the left of the ditch in front of house.
Flummoxed Phlox this week.
I took cuttings of the old fashioned rosebush and brought them home in case that didn't survive the upheaval.  But when we got out there, it looked as if they had potted the rosebush and quite a few of the Phlox, so we may have saved some of the original flowers and plants around the house.  I hope so.  They were so pretty.  But a wet basement has to come first...or a dry one that is.

Look, Ma, no bulkhead.
The bulkhead looks nice not there.  So I guess that would be the house looks nice without the bulkhead.  My husband often criticizes me for speaking backwards like that.  When I'm writing I can fix it.  When I'm talking, it's too late.
Today I think they are pouring the section of wall where the opening to the basement is.  Then the basement will be tarred and tiling placed around the perimeter.  And THEN the siding will go on shortly after it is all backfilled!
Yippee!!  I so want to see how the house will look on the outside.  The inside will happen after that...and that is when the real mostest fun will begin for me.
I have to still pick out a lot of things like colors, cabinets, sink, dishwasher, lighting, flooring...and probably other things that I'm not remembering that I need in a house but will notice when they are not there when I go to use them.
We bought a new table for the house at my brother's auction.  One of my brothers - oh, the one who had the ear removal and reattachment done - is an auctioneer, having taken over the business when my parents died.  We (the other 3 of us) work the auctions with him.  But I digress.  That may be something to write about on another day.
So the table is a gateleg so it can be up against the wall in the living room in our small space and pulled out when we have company.  It is a good thought, but we rarely have company.  Maybe life will change when we move there.  But that's another topic for another day, too.
Also bought a chair for the living room and a beautiful oak stand.  You would think we didn't have furniture in our house now.  We already have too much furniture here.  I have two kitchen tables in my kitchen now.  I'm counting the chairs we have in here.  10.  10 kitchen chairs.  Who does that?  When I inherited mom and dad's table I just added it to the room.  One pretty much serves as a regular table for everyday, and the other is like a dining room table for special occasions and for the cat to lie down on or sit on since I don't want him on the one we use all the time.  Maybe that's why we don't have company.
I guess that's enough rambling for today.
The recap is:
The house is on its way to being dry.
Some flowers may make it.
The forsythia is fortunate to have been spared.
We may get some friends someday when the cat lets us....but that's another story for another day.
Purrsee in the frying pan.


  1. Ear removal and reattachment! Wow!
    Um... I was going to say something about your house, but I'm stuck on the whole ear thing.

  2. Donna, we had to have waterproofing done to one of our basement walls-and lost one of our burning bushes, and some lavendar bushes-nothing real major-most important thing is a dry basement-have fun with decorating...

  3. Love your rambling-lots of things I'd like to know about for sure, especially that auction stuff. My husband & I loved going to auctions, hence also our 'lot' of stuff. But I digress... I have phlox that was carried from Virginia by my great grandmother, to my grandmother, to my aunt, to me in Colorado. It will come back. I've shared it with many, just dug up a clump and re-planted. It's a special plant, with a special story, as now yours will have! So happy to see more news about your place!

  4. I moved recently and the most exciting part for me (except for once again having my own room) was picking out the colors, bedding and furniture.

    My brother and uncle were in the auctioneering business, but it didn't really take off in this town because there are way too many auction houses.

    Oh well. Good luck with the rest of the moving in process. :-)

  5. wow i am kinda stuck on your brother's ordeal also--hope he is okay----what a lovely post you have about all of your gardening :)

    1. Oh, he's just fine! It happened when he was a kid. Just another day in the life of our family!

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