Friday, April 28, 2017

XSELNT #AtoZChallenge

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Still paring down and sorting, so I apologize for not getting around as much as I should!  We are going from about 2000 sq. ft. to 900 sq. ft., and on top of that we have been married for - well, let's see... this September it will be 45 years.  So we have plenty of stuff, even after the flooded basement and the soot damage from the fire 10 years ago.

Ok.  I'm on limited time.  I'm going to try to finish the A to Z tonight and schedule the posts just to be safe.  So I need to stop gabbing and get writing.  Below are my "Maine Vanity Plate and a Poem" for X.  Below that you will find my list of previous plates in case you missed them.


What part of speech
Is excellent?
Is it a noun or verb?
It can't be one of those things
For "to excellent" is absurd.
It cannot be a person,
a place we go, or thing.
So what is left for it to be?
I think I know it,  "Ding!"
Things can be so excellent,
As can friends or where you live;
It means the same as "Wicked Good",
So, it's an adjective!

By Donna JT Smith, 4/27/2017

Only two more plates to go!  Collect the whole set!  This Sunday is the last poem.  In order to get 26 this year, we have to post on Sunday, April 30.  I'll have mine scheduled to go, so check back for Y and Z!

Yesterday I used the definition of "excellent", "wicked good" as mentioned in the poem.
It is also Poetry Friday, and being hosted by JoAnn at Teaching Authors.


  1. Fun! I like it.

    With regards to pairing down... Remember, it's just stuff and all of those other useful sayings. They really do help. We paired down from a house to suitcases in 2013 before we moved to Ecuador so I have an idea of what you are going through. I wish you the best of luck.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador

    1. We had a house fire that caused us to live without our "stuff" for 11 months. It was my first real lesson in "stuff is stuff and you don't need stuff"! Everyone should try it someday. I am actually quite excited about getting to bare bones living!

  2. Replies
    1. They ARE positive! So much better than bumper stickers!

  3. I love pairing down! I grew up in tiny apartments with parents who were minimalists before it was cool, so I'm used to living in small spaces with little stuff. My husband, however, grew up in a family of pack rats who lived in massive suburban houses, so living in urban apartments as been a bit of an adjustment for him! ;-)

    1. We have WAY more junk than we need - doubles of some... I'm looking forward to the minimalist retirement!

  4. What a fun reflection on the word excellent. Good luck with the move and paring down.

  5. Your poem is a great xmpl of xselnt, Donna. :) Lots of deep breaths, girl.

  6. My hat's off to you with the paring down. (Every time I go into the garage...) And yet you retain the energy to be a poem spigot (I think of you as someone who can create poems at a moment's notice)... a fount of xselent verse!

  7. It was an overused word of approbation when I was a teen. Now it's awesome. Great poem, made me remember.

  8. When I arrived at UMO in 1978, I couldn't understand why everything was suddenly "wicked." Thank you for reminding me of those long ago days with your fun poem. Good luck with the down-sizing!


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