Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday 4 BELEAF

Today is not an AtoZ's Sunday.
Sunday is day 23 in the Progressive Poem over at
Let's see how our poem is coming along!  Last I knew we were on a ship, weighing anchor and sailing away!

Here is an "EXTRA" vanity plate and poem today.  Though it is not an A to Z Challenge day, it is still National Poetry Month. I'm doing a poem a day for April, and there are seven more days to go!

The acorn
falls Planted in places
Of rocks and rain But Sunlight
Is warming And that which was asleep
Inside begins to surge With life that 
Knows no other thing than To grow - Born To weather 
storms It knows no other direction Than up; It knows no other 
protection For withstanding the cold Times of life Than to 
follow the Sun To life in the Light. It knows no other option 
As the winds snap The tenuous, dying twigs -
       Those useless and dried, than to Hold onto
 those leaves And supple branches That bend 
and sway  Back            to  straight              And growing; 
    It has             no other 
    mission     Than to
to the 
To the 
field, To 
Life and 
to then Stand 
to face Another storm
                             With    well-grounded         and      faithful     roots.                               


  1. Beautiful on all levels - visually I was drawn in by the placement of your words. I could feel the swaying of this tree, its branches, as it stoically bent and moved to the elements. A real life lesson in rooting one's self in the face of adversity. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of writing.

    Thank you for sharing it. With smiles, Jenny xxoo

    1. I stared at this plate for a while before a it told me it's story.

  2. Fabulous shape poem - and so many good ideas within that shape! Good advice - we all can and should, "follow the SON To life in the Light" when we "beleaf."


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