Wednesday, April 26, 2017

VLCRPTR #AtoZChallenge

Notes about this challenge:
The A to Z Challenge is to write to the letters of the alphabet in order, one a day each day in April, except on Sundays.
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I’m called “swift thief”
A Velociraptor;
My fame misnamed:
I’m a “not so fast” captor .
I’m tiny, too,
But really fierce;
Admire my teeth
That rip and pierce!
I may be small,
But I’m tenacious
I seek more food
Always rapacious!
    -I’d feed on you
     For I’m predacious;
     But, don’t worry, dear,
     You run too fast -
     Remember what I said
     Of that?
No lizardy skin
As shield from weather
Instead I wear
Some bird-like feathers.
    - Well, that’s how scientists
      Think I was...
      But I'm Velociraptor

Donna JT Smith, 4/26/2017

In the middle of sorting stuff for Goodwill, yard sale and keep.  I just got this done on a break.  Another sip of coffee and away I go again...


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